lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

The Eritreans in Italy: "Stop the forced repatriations implemented by Libya"

The blame politics of Tripoli, which forcibly returned Eritreans arrested on Libyan soil. Tomorrow's demonstration in Rome to demand the implementation of UN sanctions adopted against the regime in Asmara ROME - Throwing light on the continued violation of human and civil rights in Eritrea and calls on the one hand the end of forced returns taking place in Libya and the kidnappings of Eritrean refugees in Sudan and secondly the application of sanctions decided by the UN. And 'the purpose of the event, scheduled for tomorrow morning in Rome, organized by the Eritrean refugees in Italy. The call to participate is primarily a cry for the attention of the entire international community turns to the "Eritrean people who need them - refugees write - your moral support and humanitarian suffering for years from tyranny and torture of the regime: Our voice is the voice of victims of torture and persecution. " The refugees complain of human rights violations perpetrated by the Eritrean government against its own citizens, abuses motivated by the unresolved conflict with Ethiopia, "an alibi - they explain the refugees - not to start the process of democratization in the country." A situation which, moreover, is well known nationally, so that on 23 December the UN Security Council, by 13 votes to 15 (against Libya, China abstained) approved a resolution (1907 / 2009) with which it decided severe sanctions against the Eritrean regime. The text, prepared by Uganda and wanted urgently by the African Union, stressed the support of the Eritrean government armed groups Somali Islamic radicals accused of having close ties with Al Qaeda, who are opposed to the Somali transitional government, backed by the international community and the failure to withdraw from a strip of territory of Djibouti, ordered by the same Security Council in its resolution 1862 (2009) as a result of the Eritrean army overruns due to border incidents never fully clarified, and denied by the Eritrean government against all evidence. Among the sanctions, the UN's intention to hit the targeted regime and not the population, provides for an embargo on trade in all types of weapons, both to which Eritrea, the freezing of assets linked to the Eritrean government or its representatives major el'impedimento travel abroad to some members of the Eritrean government. "We experience - say the Eritrean refugees in Italy - to thank the Security Council of the United Nations have issued against the Eritrean regime Resolution 1907 of 23/12/2009 and seeking the application of more sanctions that the law is respected and guarantees of human rights. We Eritreans - remain - we are also very saddened by the plight of our brethren detained in the prisons of Gaddafi: We demand the suspension forced returns already in place in Libya and also prevented the daily abductions of Eritrean refugees in Sudan for the secret services of government . Posters - add - for that we stick to the UN resolution of April 2002, which established the boundary of the two countries at war. " Participants at the event will feed 09 to Piazza Venezia for a sit-in outside the headquarters of the United Nations and later, at 11:00 am, handed a letter to the UN representative in Italy.

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