lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

Wounded with the knife in the Palais for Refugees

"The City Councilor for Social Policy Sveva Belviso said that the place where the incident occurred" is not a shelter but a building where they live illegally occupied by people leaving shelters. "The commissioner has also said that the administration "is working to bring it to the policies of aid to these people," This tragedy touched, could be avoided if they had been allowed in reports being made by the refugees themselves to the police for a good 5 times, l 'assailant, according to the testimonies of residents of the building in Via Arrigo Cavaglieri, and people with mental disorders, was move away from the building and treated at a center appropriately. Five times reported to the forces of order but no one has done anything to help this person and avoid a tragedy that could be very serious. The commissioner of Social Policies Sveva Belviso, speaks of people living in illegality, we answer people living in the deterioration of a reception system inefficient, total neglect of the state that has accepted the paper, but in fact, absent. These people are waiting years for a solution dignified, respectful of their needs of families, of single women with children who plan to make copies of family, desire to integrate into society. not that that has always proposed a policy of not accepting the City of Rome, the usual centers which are emergency solutions from which we have already passed these people have not solved the problem. We need a project to integrate out of the centers for these people In some apartments, as all civilized countries of Northern Europe. You do not need to create ghettos, I hope that via Padua, Milan has taught us something. Nobody is served by criminalizing refugees by Arrigo Cavaglieri, describing them as people who live in illegality, when the state is not doing its duty towards these people, recognized by the same state in need of humanitarian protection or status of political refugees. The City of Rome said to spend 36 million euros for the reception, we wonder how and where to spend all this money? who are the beneficiaries? The carrying capacity of the Municipality of Rome are only 2000 seats, you spend 50 euros a day for all asylum-seekers or refugees received in Rome? await answers and real solutions to integrate these people, not to delay the problem with solutions of an emergency. Mussie Zerai

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