lunedì 2 agosto 2010

Appeal: Give the right of asylum to Eritrean refugees in Libya

We renew our appeal for asylum seekers Political blocked in Libya. We demand a real solution to be found problem with a project of resettlement of refugees and in need of international protection in Europe. The current situation of the 400 Eritreans and approximately 3000 between Somali, Sudanese, Ethiopia and Eritrea blocked by the rubber wall wanted from Europe, is a condition of total neglect, people who survives by accepting work that reduced to slaves, women forced into prostitution, most situations tolerable degradation of human dignity. The fate that has touched the Eritrean people "liberated" from prison Al-Braq, to live life to the homeless with a residence permit for three months in hand. Between three months will return illegal immigrants because they can not present an identification document issued by the authorities of the country source. That's why we want a real solution to the problem of these asylum seekers from Eritrea, Somali, Sudanese, Ethiopians. Once again we ask Italy to take the first step in providing these people welcome to the territory, at least to those people that has been denied entry into Italy, which have been returned by the Italian to Libya as the minister has confirmed Libya 250 Eritreans have been returned to those Libyans by Italian troops. We know that Italy can show its human face, made him gay in the past about 130 Eritreans with the program resettlement from Libya. This positive experience that from a legal entry, protected applicants political asylum, so they do not have to rely in the hands of traffickers is risking his life in the sea. The Mediterranean is already open a cemetery for hundreds of migrants, remember what happened a year ago that killed 73 Eritreans in indifference total number of countries bordering the Mediterranean, especially those who have the task of joint patrolling, first that Frontex should prevent such risks, did nothing to save those lives. A painful anniversary for us that we have seen our fellow citizens die young, with great desire to live, hope to build a new life in Europe, dreaming of freedom, democracy and prosperity. Open the door! Who is desperate, those who flee from persecution, war, Natural disasters can come to find refuge. Fr. Mussie Zerai

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