sabato 19 marzo 2011

The anxiety that assails us in the face of terrible news we receive from Sinai

From November 24, 2010 Today, we have reported hundreds of cases of trafficking in human beings, we told untold suffering of women, children, the killing of dozens of refugees killed by traffickers. Months have passed without the leadership of Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian authorities he set out a finger to free these people reduced to slavery. Only the generosity of friends and relatives and sensitive men and women have rescued dozens of refugees from the terrible condition of slaves under torture. Today we still have about 400 people in the hands of plunderers of Sinai, of which dozens of women and children. In the past weeks have been killing for the purpose of organ harvesting to supply the black market for organs in clinical Medi'Oriente. You need the involvement of INTERPOL to issue an international arrest warrant against these traffickers in human beings and organs. We had 4 deaths among the hostages because of a urinary tract infection, another is dying. You can report the source and capture the canvassers in Sudan, kidnappings, even the bad apples of the Sudanese and Egyptian police. We are also very concerned about reports of rejections made by the army of Israel in the Sinai border, people who have been books or escaped from their captors arrived in the territory of Israel were left in the hands of Egyptian border police, we also know that there were killed in an attempt to escape them back, under a hail of gunfire. These people need protection not of other injuries of this kind of mistreatment in Egyptian prisons, even at the risk of being returned to the traffickers or deported to their country of origin from which they fled. There are different prisons where they are detained dozens of Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees, the Egyptian authorities do not allow the visit to the UNHCR, asking the European Parliament to ask the Egyptian government to allow access in the prisons where they are detained Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees, so that it can be checked for their status as asylum seekers and refugees. Four months passed in silence and inertia of the international community. But the international community can not be considered absolutely nothing to do with this affair. It can not be concealed fact that this dramatic situation is one of the consequences of European policy of closing the borders that more and more, through the construction of legal and administrative or physical walls, removes people who seek protection from our continent. We urge that, without further ado, we mobilize the international community, both to combat trafficking in human beings is to guarantee these people the international protection they need and to which they are entitled. In particular, through a plan of "humanitarian evacuation" and a project for the reception of refugees in EU territory. An international commitment that necessarily must be translated into a strategy of cooperation with Egypt and Israel to respect its commitments and rights of refugees. Don Mussie Zerai

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