lunedì 21 marzo 2011

Dramatic testimony of an Eritrean woman with children one year and five months locked in Tripoli-Libya

The translation of the call Lula: "Good evening, who I'm talking about? Wein: "I Wein Lula: "Ready Wein how are you? Can you tell me what the situation there? " Wein: "Hello?" Lula: "First you hear, you hear talk talk" Wein: "Ok can you hear me? The life that we are doing here in Libya is very precarious. From the 21st of this month so far, we do not dare to leave the house, we have nothing to eat, if we go out there young people armed with knives and other hunting, so we lock up home and have never come out ... Hello? " Lula: "First I hear you, wait a minute I translate what you just said ..." Wein: "Here we have gathered together in one house, and among us there are also mothers and children, we are stuck in this house, we can not leave or enter, we are really in a bad situation. What we need is an immediate help to enable us to leave the country " Lula: "wait a minute I translate what you just said" Lula: "Go ahead" Wein: "Given that we are tied up here without being able to do anything, no food, no water to drink, ask for an immediate relief, not tomorrow or the day after today, now. We must immediately leave this country ... Hello, can you hear me? Lula: "I feel you feel you" Wein: "Even the light is interrupted, we are really bad ... ready .. ready .." Lula: "I feel ready to talk talk, I feel, I'm wrong there are children with you?" Wein: "We have exactly one child with us, my son" Lula: "How old?" Wein: "has a year and five months" Lula: "at least for the child in some way you can find someone who works to give him milk or something else? Wein: "even for a child, I have nothing at all, my daughter was crying day and night. I can not leave the house. The people look at us with suspicious eyes, especially us black immigrants, we are targeting. Lula: "how many are living together in the house?" Wein: "we live in this house over twenty strive to be united together and we can not go out" Lula: "Here we have gathered so many to discuss what are the major problems facing immigrants in Libya, what is the message you would like to convey to these people that you are listening to?" Wein: "We need immediate help to enable us to get out of this country. Here we are seen hurt by the Libyans, it is very dangerous even just go to the nearest store to buy something. We urgently need to get out of this country. " Lula: 'Thanks, good evening " Wein: "Our problem is not solved only with words, we need concrete actions, immediately" Lula: "we got together for what may be the search for possible solutions, we will contact you to inform you about the possible outcomes and results. Wein: "Vabene, I give you my full name?" Lula: "Do not you feel, you can repeat?" Does nothing, then you again, good evening " Wein: "Alright then, good evening to you"

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