domenica 19 giugno 2011

Media release: Stop the arbitrary deportation of Eritrean refugees from Sudan and release those detained in Sinai

Washington DC: June 20, 2011-  the day has a special meaning to our members and the Eritrean refugees.  In addition to being a world refugee day, it is an Eritrean martyrs’ day when we remember those who died to guarantee the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people of Eritrea.

On the occasion of this special day, the International Commission on Eritrean Refugees would like to call your attention to the dire condition of Eritrean refugees and take the necessary action at your disposal to protect the rights of Eritrean refugees and improve their living conditions.  In particular, we would like to call you attention to the situation of Eritrean refugees in Sudan and in Sinai and take the following actions:
For refugees in Sudan

-          Urge the Sudanese government to stop deporting Eritrean refugees to Eritrea and guarantee their safety; especially put in place measures aimed at stopping the kidnapping of Eritrean refugees by government agents and other criminal gangs from refugee camps and inside Sudan.  

-          Provide the necessary moral and material support to the Sudanese government who is hosting thousands of Eritrean refugees and assist with their settlement.

-          Extend the necessary funding that will enable national and international NGO UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies working on projects to improve the living conditions of these refugees.

For refugees in Sinai

Urge the Egyptian government 

-          To take the necessary action to release refugees detained without due process of law within its territory.

-          To facilitate the release of refugees detained by the government and those kidnapped by criminal organizations.

-          To allow UNHCR and other refugee agencies to visit the detainees.

-          To protect the rights of refugees, including protection from deportation and
      upholding the rights and obligations under international law.  

Urge the Israeli government
-          To work with the Egyptian government to release those held in detention in Sinai by traffickers for hefty ransom, and bring to justice those traffickers who are working from its territories.

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