venerdì 17 giugno 2011

No to indiscriminate Rejections

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said during a television interviewon illegal immigration ("The Libyan Rebels said they will keep the international commitments of the Libyan state ..") that he expects"an important political signal [from the rebels ] in the coming days.the Libyan rebel leader, Abdel Jalil Mustafa, has already spoken of a post-Qaddafi, the Libyan government will respect "all agreements with Italy taken by the regime [Gaddafi], includingthose related to combat 'illegal immigration and oil contracts with Eni. "In particular, Jalil said that the rebels would" respect the treaty of friendship Italy - Libya signed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi .... Every treaty or agreement [that was done] I respect him "and" we will try to implement the treaties. "
These statements by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs meanthat Italy intends to reject the refugees arriving from Libya. Therebels did not give any guarantees for the respect of Human Rights, even these people must answer for the massacre of Africans, there has been in several cities under their control. Only in the City of Mishra witnesses say that 800 were killed Sub-SaharanAfricans. This is a crime against humanity! And Italy wants to givethese gentlemen the refugees who fled from Libya in the war. We want to know under what international convention or international law can turn people fleeing war, is returned to the areas from which they are running? International law does not allow in any case such an operation.

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