lunedì 20 giugno 2011

The situation of Eritrean refugees in the prisons of Ismailia - Egypt

I just finished talking on the phone with a group of about 60 Eritrean refugees held in prison in Ismailia - Egypt. I have now reported that one of them died from lack of medical care, there are also 5 other people in grave danger of death: Two injured by gunfire by Egyptian soldiers, do not receive necessary treatment, other three were sick because of poor sanitation, hunger, undrinkable water. In addition, many inmates are full of sores on the skin. These refugees have not committed any crime, but they are locked up with common criminals and toxic. Also reported that, when captured, the group was composed of more than 70 people, then, during the riots a few months ago, have disappeared into thin air six people. Later it was found that three of them died, and no one knows how or why. The major problem is that refugees are kept in jail where they are even denied medical care: the refugees say that, when they call to ask the guards are beaten by the military health care.
We demand the immediate intervention of the UNHCR, to release and assist refugees who are currently detained unjustly, to ensure that they receive necessary medical care, save the lives of those who are now in danger of death.
We appeal to the European Union and the whole international community to ask the Egyptian government to allow access to officials of the UNHCR in its jails and to respect human rights and refugee rights.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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