venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Eritrea a nation held hostage

Eritreans as the great liberator of the people hailed Isaias Afewerki when he became the nation's first president in 1993. He represented a new breed of an African leader; young, charismatic, and determined to build a prosperous future. He brought hope to a nation that had for so long appeared hopeless. Isaias started to reconstruct the nation, promised to respect human rights, hold free and fair elections, and build a strong economy with jobs for all. Eritreans were to be rewarded for their struggle. But these rewards never came. Human rights groups say Eritreans are being imprisoned, tortured and killed in increasing numbers. Some are held in shipping containers in 50-degree heat, others in solitary confinement or in underground cells. The fairy tale has turned into a nightmare.

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