giovedì 22 settembre 2011

Emergency Human Rights: Eritrean Refugees in Egyptian detention centers.

The situation of refugees and Eritrean refugees in Egypt is more dramatic: from one year to denounce the kidnapping of people, for the purpose of trafficking, human trafficking is taking place in the Sinai to give the refugees. There is another disaster: the victims of human trafficking, which are taken by the border police, in theory are protected by Egyptian law enacted a year ago, in reality this law is never applied: as of today we have hundreds of first displaced victims of traffickers, now victims of the state in various police stations, military camps, in some cases. Many of these refugees in detention are refugees recognized by UNHCR, even before their arrival in Egypt, recognized when they passed through refugee camps in Sudan and Ethiopia. In these 4 - 5 years Egypt has been limited to firing on the victims of traffickers on the border with Israel, the world watched passively to this slaughter of innocents, whose only crime is to seek freedom and a better life. There is now a major emergency in crowded detention of refugees have several gunshot wounds caused by the border police. Egypt, a signatory of the Geneva Convention of 1951, should ensure the access to asylum, but does not allow the UNHCR access to detention centers, thus denying the right of asylum to these people. From the testimony of many refugees and displaced prisoners is that their living conditions in these stations are really bad, in some cases dangerous to their health. We ask the international community and all human rights organizations to pressure the Egyptian government to allow UNHCR access to police stations which are in Cairo, Luxor police station where they detained 62 refugees Gurna which 5-6 children, Gharb at 9km from Aswan in which there are 56 people in the city of Aswan in two police stations there are 54 refugees in Shallal in the military field, there are 62 people in terrible conditions, so in different police stations Ismaillia of El Arish, hundreds of refugees that the Egyptian government holds without giving them access to asylum. People paralyzed due to the Egyptian border police shot, pregnant women, children, still detained in police stations. It 'a clear violation of human rights: refugees fleeing from dictatorships, wars, hunger are criminalized, held in terrible conditions, risking their health and life it self. 

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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