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Eritrean Refugees in Yemen

We the Eritrean national and conventional refugee's have been dragged out side of the UNHCR Sana'a office since 04/2011 day and night, women, children elderly, sick and disabled etc…demanding an immediate solution or relocation or resettlement since the state of Yemen has been going through sever political turmoil and endemic armed conflicts.

The outcomes of these political and armed conflicts directly negatively affects our securities and completely stop our day to day basses living conditions. Plus, we have been ripped of all our belonging and refused the money we earns as a domestic servants in Yemen's nationals homes and residents, plus suffering direct assaults, sexual harassments, attempted reap and occurred in various area reap and others sexual and gender attacks etc…

Well, after we experienced all these catastrophes and crises, eventually we represent our selves to the international refugee office in Sana'a – Yemen in order to get protection under the terms and rules of the law of the 1951 convention and 1967 protocol plus the 1948 Universal declarations of human right.

Unfortunately, all our attempted to get protection in asylum country failed due to the refugee office irresponsible acts.

Finally, we decided to sit-in until our demands has got solution by the refugee office. In the mean time we appeal to see the representative officer or eligible officer at the UNHCR Sana'a office. And this also refused by the refugee office and denied us the right even to discusses our agonized living condition due to the ongoing chaos in Yemen. Our constant contact to the Head Quarter office at Geneva, Switzerland also failed to the deaf ears.

Furthermore, the indiscriminate attacks against Eritrean refugees in Sana’a, Yemen on the 3rd of July, 2011 about 35 refugees have received major and minor injuries from attacks by the armed forces of the Yemeni Government. The victims include two expecting women and two very young children. The armed forced used tear gas, water and live ammunitions; and two of the injured refugees were shot at by bullets – one around his neck.

We the Eritrean national and conventional refugee have even named a committee after democratically election by the refugee society, who could approach the Yemeni Government and the UNHCR on their behalf and discuss ways of transfer and for permanent solution. It is very saddening that those refugees who were following such civilized routes of resolving a problem were met with harsh measures by a government who is also responsible for the safety and security of the refugees. The refugees complain and claim that the Yemeni Government said the transfer is possible only if it is back to their homeland Eritrea – where we fled in an effort to escape insecurities and extra-judicial persecutions.

Again, on the date 13/08/2011 four of the elected Eritrean refugee committee members picked up by Yemen securities officials from the sit-in sight and detained for four days and night under harsh condition in Al- Aser area police station. Finally, the securities officials offered as an agreement to sign to end-up the sit-in demonstration in front of the UNHCR gate. However, the four committee members refused to plied such agreement just for release but eventually let them out from the detention center. We the Eritrean refugee strongly condemned such arbitrary arrest of our four amongst nine members of the committee by Yemen police force and detained them without due processes .

Still, we are expecting someday forcefully removal from our sit-in sight even though our expression and demonstration are peaceful and legitimate by the 1948 Universal Human Right declaration.

However, we have get rumors that the police force going to remove us from the place we sit-in surprisingly. Therefore, let the UNHCR take pre-cautions protection measures before the police force acts against our right or privileges which stated by 1948 universal human right declaration.

Furthermore, the committee have had a meeting with the eligible UNHCR officials and IRD representatives before and discussed about possible conciliatory measures to improve the Eritrean refugee general situations within short time frame. Contrary, there is nothing a measure has been under take by the refugee office so far. And, we are expressing our confusions on this regards also condemning the acts of ignoring the already designed to be implementing accordingly with the agreements that had have taken place in the main refugee office building meeting hall.

Finally, on this moment we the committee members forwarding our request to the international human right committee and for various human right advocate office to look possible solution for the demand we brought due to the ongoing turmoil and armed conflicts in the state of Yemen, plus, to put pressure on the UNHCR since it has the mandates to protects the refugee's in such endemic chaos's.



Eritrean refugee committee


Sana’a - Yemen

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