venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

The grave situation of Eritrean & Ethiopian refugees in Sinai, knows no end.

The grave situation of Eritrean refugees in Sinai, knows no end. In the last month have been tortured to death 4 people, 41 people are at risk including 7 women, one of them is pregnant. In another group there are 44 other people, including 11 women, 32 men and 3 of them are minors. The prisoners all their desperate cry on the phone, asking for help, they tell their segregation in underground facilities, the continuing harassment and torture with electric shocks, molten plastic on the skin of pain occurred, sexual abuse of women.There are hundreds of other refugees in similar conditions in the Sinai, we do not know how many people lost their lives at the hands of traffickers, because they have no money to pay the ransom demanded by the marauders. Many have told me they have already paid up to $ 15 000, about 17 people have already paid an average of $ 25 000, were released in the territories of the State of Israel. The inertia of the States is a godsend for criminals who get rich, a millionaire business around this traffic is forcing hundreds of families into debt for amounts that they will pay for decades, but in order to save the life of your son / daughter or husband sell everything, or as many end up in the hands of usurers. The cases of smugglers based in Israel, Dubai, Khartoum, Cairo, Asmara. Why the UN and the EU is not fully committed to nip this human trafficking? There are international agreements to combat trafficking in human beings. Are not the tools that are missing, but the political will of States. one year to denounce these crimes against humanity, because humanity more helpless fleeing their country, without which no state claims a violation of their rights. We're trying to give voice to these men and women deprived of their sacred right to live in peace, the right to find protection among the states where they came to seek asylum, and many are also deprived of the right to life at the hands of traffickers as the hands of the soldiers of the border, in the name of national security. The deployment of forces against piracy at sea, such as the recent raid of the British Navy that freed the hostages of the ship Monte Cristo, equally resolute commitment and desire we would also like to obtain the release of more than 500 refugees hostage in the Sinai. We appeal to all humanitarian organizations to all international institutions, which must make every effort to suppress this traffic, saving hundreds of lives are in constant danger for their lives.
Fr. Mussie Zerai Yosief

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