martedì 22 novembre 2011

Egypt, Burned the Field: request for help from refugee Eritreans, Ethiopians and SudaneseRefugee Camp Selum!

In the Field of Selum, on the border between Egypt and Libya, where they found refugeBenqazi African refugees who had fled during the uprising against the regime of Ghaddafi,so when viniva made ​​hunting acus African blacks to be mercenaries of the regime.
Now these people are from nine months in a state of degradation, in a rundown area, with an almost non-existent service, where women who are pregnant do not find adequatemedical care.
Three days ago at night about 10 tents were set on fire, the refugees were forced to do a hunger strike to demand solutions to any problem of field conditions, to accelerate the process of resettlement.
We must also say the local police often hindering, preventing movement of refugees to the cities, even for medical reasons.
We ask UNHCR, the European Commissioner and AU to intervene with the Egyptian authorities to respect the rights and the protection they need from any hazards thatendanger the lives of refugees living in the camp Selum.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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