lunedì 21 novembre 2011

The odyssey of Eritrean Refugees, Human Trafficking and Organs:-

I received this message this morning, from a relative of a boy hostage in the Sinai.  "Dear father Mussie,This is my plea for saving / rescuing the live of the hostage Berhane in Ferah und the known Trafficker Samih. The young Eritrean (from the Area of Decamare-Eritrea) had kedney ailment(renal disease). All the victims were among others elektro shocked some days ago the whole night repeatedly. Berhane had a rental ailment/kidney disease. After these brutal sufferings he may die soon. They 'Bedouins' can definitely make no use of Berhane's kidney, then he is already sick, his organs are out of use. 
I got the news today and I have tried to reach you as per telephone and please for doing what you/one can. Yes, the african slaves suffer and the authorities in question do nothing. This unexplainable punishment our sisters and brothers are facing is subliminally another obviou form of disrimination.

Is there any possibility to send a doctor to the place (Ferah) where the patient (Berhane) is from the near area in Sinai. To treat Berhane in a hospital in Sinai is very risk, because the Bedouins/doctors can take his organs and declare him for dead!"

What can we do? If local Egyptian authorities do not intervene, how can we send a doctor to treat this guy? These people are in the hands of traffickers, who are not interested in the boy's health, even if he dies won him more money, because they sell the organs of the person. Here is a massive military intervention by the Egyptian government to clean up the area from these trades, and free the hostages.From one year to denounce these horrific events in recent months has come out of all the cruelty of what happened in the Sinai in recent years. The flourishing trade of organs and the massacre of thousands of refugees who fled from their land, hoping for a better future, peace and prosperity for their families, but have found the ruthless hands of the butchers of human flesh, who stopped abruptly dream and desire to rebuild their lives in dignity, in a country that would be welcomed.We are seeing a horror, but this is real, without that, who has the responsibility of government in Egypt, but also the international community, an act we do to combat these crimes against humanity the most vulnerable, poorest, most marginalized in certain cases persecuted.The rulers of this world, are limited to a few diplomatic exchange of words, while in the Sinai desert thousands of people die, often at the hands of criminals who want to sell their organs to wealthy Arab sheiks or wealthy Westerners.When governments of the region could make a tough fight against traffickers in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Asking the international community to open secure channels of entry for refugees forced to leave their country, instead of verifying that they are the policemen of Fortress Europe, which tends to close, by downloading the full weight of the refugees problem on the south shore of the Mediterranean, when Many of these refugees who reach the sea of ​​the Mediterranean are willing to travel to Europe, so the problem is closely related to the Europe that has not been able to do better than to pay for these countries of North Africa also use brutal methods to stop even the flow of refugees who want to reach the Fortress Europe, thus pushing them into the hands of unscrupulous traffickers is now plain for all of us what they are capable. From 2009 - 2011 over 3000 thousand people disappeared into thin air in the area of ​​Sinai, more than 20.000 deaths in the Mediterranean Sea to become a cemetery to open in the last 10 years. Europe's responsibility in all this is great, it is also serious.The human dignity according to the teaching of the Gospel, which also appears in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we talk of equality and equal rights with which we are born, then when we've lost along the way these rights? this dignity that the creator has given me, that human law recognizes the card, but today we are witnessing people who are hacked to pieces for the survival of the richest, but as we did not have the same dignity and rights? The institutions responsible for monitoring respect for human rights, respect for international treaties and conventions that should protect the human dignity and in alienable right to life of every one of us, even the poorest of humanity, what's happened? or rather because they are made so weak to the point of not being able to play their international mandate?The great religions of humanity, are likely to fail in their task of education, to be messengers of that harmony and respect for creation. If these horrible events occur in contexts such as the Sinai, a symbol, at least for the three monotheistic religions, loading area of ​​religion, but where you are consuming the most heinous crimes one site. Also need a strong commitment of religious leaders to condemn these acts and to work for the re-education to respect for human life and dignity of every human being.Our heartfelt appeal to those who have responsibility for all government and international organizations for the protection of human rights, to do everything possible in their power to push the governments of Israel, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia to make a fightseriously against all forms of trafficking in human beings and organs. Remind governments of Egypt and Israel, to respect the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.Fr. Mussie Zerai

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