mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

The terrifying news reaching us from thehostages in the Sinai.

Place where there are refugees and Ferah, anhour from the border of Israel, The boys are 12feet below ground, similar to a hotel and tukuls,with two red doors. The Bedouin leader called Abu Mussa ede Ab is 45 -50 years of dark complexion condenti protruding and thin. These guys are controlled by 4 people in the morning,4 people in the evening in the vicinity there are three houses with roofs of red color and are stillunder construction The owner lives in a three-storey building, near the head of Bedouin lives
Behind the house is a warehouse and a pine tree and some fig trees of india have pikupToyota 2011 model machines are preciselyhammer bluish-white with a red stripe with the side plate 5726, Abu Musa three brothers, oneof these is called yosuf has 19 years, and the one who tortures children with shock. There are 37 lost in one room, another 22 people in the other. Three people died on 9/11/2011, 18 years old (at 19.00) were all killed by the brother of Abu Musa, the 19-year-old Yosuf, one of the hostages for 22 years and was tortured with electric shocks to the feet, for this andbeen paralyzed. Why did not pay him cut thelittle finger. Threatening if not pay for the organs that will be removed and a gain for them. To people who have burned their backs with plastic worms are forming, the girls are burnedwith cigarettes nipples
girls are raped by four men in the morning and evening are with the stick. There are many girlspregnant. The people are all linked hands and feet should always have to sit most of the worms that come out from the wounds.

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