venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Israel: The Community of asylum seekers, concerned about the new law that considers criminals.

The State of Israel in recent days has discussed and approved a law against illegal immigration, but without distinguishing between asylum seekers and immigrants, people seeking work and those fleeing because of wars and dictatorships that deny freedom to people. All risk deportation, the new law was taken in particular against asylum seekers entering the State of Israel from the Egyptian border.
Once arrested, the refugees may be detained without charge or trial for three years or more. The law also allows for indefinite detention of a person from a country considered "hostile" to Israel, including Sudan. So the Sudanese refugees who are victims of the Sudanese regime, will pay for the hostility of those who are forced to flee to the country hoping that uphold. Victims twice over!
Children traveling with their parents are unconditionally subject to the new law, all this will severely damage the lives of children, not that a serious violation of the right of childhood.United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which was approved in 1989.
This law passed by the Israeli parliament is an affront to international law. "The passage and implementation of this law clashes with Israel's obligations under the Geneva Convention on Refugees of 1951 and other international instruments on human rights", as rightly said Ann Harrison, deputy director of Amnesty's interim International for the Middle East and North Africa.
Israel has the right to protect its borders, but has no right to abandon its international obligations on human rights, and that of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, or criminalize them as 'infiltrators', this kind of politics are the fuels for xenophobia and discrimination in many spheres of life of migrants, there are already worrying signs of intolerance and discrimination in jobs, schools.
According to the Geneva Convention of 1951, a refugee or someone who has fled his country for a reason well-founded, can not be expelled from the country where he or she has taken refuge, even checked the requirement must be granted rights to the base.
However, in essence, the new law contradicts that requirement, allowing asylum seekers and refugees are treated like criminals, just by virtue of their situation to be people on the run.
Asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan, are often forced to make the journey through Egypt to Israel, although the journey has become more dangerous reports of attacks in the Sinai Peninsula are on the rise. This is confirmed by the many testimonies of people who have suffered unspeakable violence. Let's just hope the new law is intended to further discourage people from attempting to enter Israel.
Currently, asylum seekers are taken as they cross the border are being held for several weeks before being released.
Reliable sources have also reported that Israel has a detention center for immigrants expected to be able to hold 10,000 prisoners, making it the largest such facility globally.Create a camp of this magnitude in the state of Israel, clashes sharply with the history of the Jewish people.
People hope that Israel treats asylum seekers and refugees who are undocumented, in line with the values ​​of respect for human and civil rights, and declared its international obligations. Israel should abandon plans for criminalization of refugees and the construction of detention facilities for asylum seekers and immigrants, would ask you to spend more resources for the prevention of and fight against trafficking in human beings and organs involved in the creation of favorable conditions for life dignity and freedom in their countries of origin.Fr. Mussie Zerai 

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