lunedì 21 maggio 2012

Eritrean & Ethiopian Refugees Massacre by Sudanis Police

21.05.2012 Today, in the morning, Scegarab refugee camp in Sudan, according to the testimonies we collected up to now talk that there was "a massacre of refugees", and a grave violation of the rights of refugees, who were demanding more protections, as long traffickers were to take and seize persons, which were then sold in the Sinai, the refugees exacerbated by this whole situation, in 300 occurred in the offices of UNHCR, asking for more protection, the witnesses speak of police attempts to disperse the group, saying "you have no right to demand anything, opposite to the resistance of refugees in response, the Sudanese military, have responded by firing tear gas and live ammunition, killing twenty people, many seriously injured, state for up to quesli and refused medical treatment from hospitals. " If the facts that are reported are reflected, What happened is very serious and very serious indeed, by the time we get some indication of cooperation between police in the Sudanese refugee camp, and the traffickers who come to the seizures, the response so violent today by the police, in front of people who came to seek protection against attacks by traffickers, not help to allay the suspicion of complicity and connivance of certain poliziati tafficanti with us for years are reported.We urge vigorous action, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to provide greater protection to the survivors of the massacre perpetrated by the Sudanese police today, and ask them to clarify the responsibilities of those who gave this order to do this massacre, that has wiped more than 20 people, injured about fifty?where were the leaders of the UNHCR office?We demand JUSTICE! for people massacred, who demanded in exchange for protection, in a refugee camp under UNHCR's mandate, not a massacre like that is acceptable.We also ask the EU to call the Sudanese authorities to respect the rights of refugees, to engage seriously in the fight against trafficking in human beings, and ensure the security and safety of the refugees are welcome in these fields, which are now a thriving market for traffickers in human beings and organs.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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