lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Violate Rights of Displaced Persons and Refugees

We receive continuing reports by various parties, particularly from Yemen, Djibouti, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt-Sinai.
Libya - the "New" Libya does not seem all that different from the previous regime under the Ghedafi, according to the testimonies that come from Benqasi and Kufra, hundreds of refugees held in codizioni slavery in Kufra, where the refugees are forced to work by armed men who forced him to wield heavy weapons, cleaning tanks, all without food or water, beating constantly, situations of total degradation to the dignity of persons. Who can pay up to $ 800 U.S. dollars. are accompanied by armed men to Tripoli, then the traffic as the time of Ghedaffi still flourishing. The same condition of refugees held in detention centers in Benqasi who complain of poor treatment and lack of food and drinking water, people who need care do not receive the assistance they need, they say not to be in contact with the 'UNHCR or other international bodies dealing with the protection of human rights.We ask the Libyan authorities to respect the fundamental rights of these people, and ensuring the access to UNHCR staff in all centers to be provided to these refugees, the international protection they so badly need. We ask the Italian authorities to take strong pressure on the Libyan authorities to respect international conventions on the rights of migrants and refugees.
Yemen: - Approximately 240 perofughi Eritreans detained in inhumane conditions in Yemeni prisons, months to ask for the right to health, since about 70 of them were suffering from a contagious disease, that no one knows what disease it is, people affected from this epidemic continues to bleed from the nose and mouth, the Yemeni prison authorities for weeks have not listened to their complaints, have not offered any medical assistance, after an uprising of the entire prison population have separated those affected by this evil from others, but now people are sick in the worst conditions, left to their own pool inside the walls, but exposed to all temperature changes, without shelter it from the heat from the cold at night at least, an unsustainable situation and unprecedented severity , total violation of the most elementary rights of the people, the sick, the refugee.We call on the Yemeni authorities to intervene to guarantee these people the right to receive medical care, these refugees are handed over to UNHCR, no reason to be kept in prison, treated like criminals. We appeal to the European Community to act on the Yemeni authorities to respect these fundamental rights of these human beings and their dignity.
Djibouti: - Some 350 Eritrean refugees who have fled the border area, who are refugees in Djibouti, in this country are treated as prisoners of war, when in fact they themselves have come to seek asylum, already a few months ago we reported the plight of people in need of urgent treatment, particularly of people with TB who were counting the other fellow prisoners where they are herded like cattle, all now that nothing has changed, as well as people suffering from ADIS were held in same conditions, they receive no visits from international organizations that might seek a solution to urgent problems of these people.The Djibouti authorities should provide access in these prisons, which are required of applicants for political asylum, the operators of UNHCR, IOM, etc ... above call for respect of basic rights of these people. We must provide all necessary care for the sick, this is a fundamental right of every human being.
Shousha-Tunisia: - In Shousha refugee camp on the border between Libya and Tunisia, where a year thousands of refugees have found shelter Eritrean, Ethiopian, Sudanese and Somalis, from the time they are showing signs of intolerance, some time ago we reported the ' vandalism that destroyed the tent where the Christians were praying, now I'm reported incidents of verbal and physical attacks against Christians out of the camps, but also within the limitations of religious freedom, to prevent access to the missionaries in the refugee camp, as well as refugees who wore on his neck the Christian sign of the Cross and the military was ordered to take it off somewhere, all these incidents are happening in a refugee camp under the responsibility of UNHCR.We ask that the High Commissioner for Refugees to intervene to guarantee freedom of religious refugees, who are restored as religious service in favor of refugees who are in the field Shousha. We also call on the Tunisian authorities to commit themselves to ensure the safety of the field and the freedom of religious refugees.
Sinai - Egypt - The tragedy and horror of the massacres that are perpetrated every day under the eyes of the whole international community, without which no one is really committed to combat human trafficking and trafficking of organs, where they areChildren were not spared, now the slave trade is flourishing at the slaughterhouse, to date we have about 2000 prisoners in the hands of traffickers who have found in the Sinai area a free zone, a territory without the presence of a constitutional states, a region of world where the rule of the law of the slave traders of distant memory. All day we receive reports of atrocities being committed in the Sinai, Egyptian territory without the Egyptian government faces a minimum effort to combat this crime against humanity, are thousands of young people and children who are missing, we who are feasting in the many mass graves scattered in Egyptian territory, we do not understand why the long silence of the whole international community because not enough of simple diplomatic contacts since they do not give any results, people continue to die in the Sinai, women continue to physical and sexual violence, frightening testimony "of a woman with a child, forcing the woman to watch as the two year old daughter slowly die of hunger, because the traffickers to prevent mother to feed her daughter until she pays the redemption "when she rebelled, they poured gasoline over the woman's hair set on fire, now she pours in a serious condition. Until when we witness these atrocities before the competent authorities put a stop to all this? We urgently appeal to all international bodies, and all NGO committed to the fight against trafficking in human beings and organs, in favor of the respect for human rights are felt to demand an end to these terrible crimes that are mowing down hundreds of refugees on their journey of hope to Israel.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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