martedì 28 agosto 2012

Libya: The tragedy of hundreds of refugees in Prisons

Hums: More than 150 men and women in degrading conditions for their human dignity, they live also suffering discrimination on religious grounds, especially males, or are continually being beaten, in recent weeks, four refugees were killed, three nationalities of Eritrea and one Somali. An Eritrean boy was hit with a knife in the back by the military while he was sleeping. These days women are experiencing serious discounts is prevented for up to wash because they are Christian. One of the women Eritreans, acusata the military have warned the outside, the drama that was consumendo Friday, while one boy was killed by Eritrean military, so in three military sessulamente abused her, then have it thrown out in the desert in the middle of the night. Now She is located in Tripoli, save by a miracle thanks to a Libyan woman and a Sudanese man who helped him.
Tuewsha: There are 10 women from Eritrea, which 3donne pregnant, a eighth month and a half the other two a fifth month in the last four months, then there are about 50 Somali women and 32 men Eritreans, Somalis 500 males, all suffer from a lack of food, water and personal hygiene. Especially ill-treatment of males. From three weeks women, among men there who was also 5-6 months in the detention center, is still there, those who tried to escape then captured by the military have been severely beaten up even in losing an eye in other cases lead a permanent disability in the physical.
Benghazi: There are about 400 people detained in a center run by the theory "Luna Rossa" but in fact, command the armed men of the revolution point to afford to get into the center, sexually abusing women, take away 140 males to make them work as slaves. In Benghazi minors are not spared from beatings and torture where the military enjoy playing shooting using the children as an object to play with.
Libya from a "democratic" we expected more respect for human rights and a serious fight against racism against Africans, a tough fight against all forms of discrimination on grounds religious, ethnic and racial. We do not understand why all this rage against African refugees? Why so much violence and massacre of dozens of refugees who died under the blows of the weapons of the soldiers and militiamen.
I appeal to all humanitarian organizations, including agencies of the United Nations to make every effort possible to get the respect for human rights and the rights of refugees. Get more soon their release from prison is to be accommodated in refugee camps managed by UNHCR.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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