venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Violations of the rights of refugees in Libya knows no bounds.

Receive daily stories of suffering of refugees from the Horn of Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somali. The only fault of these people is to be fugite situations or people who want to deny them their freedom, dignity, to remove life. These people are looking for peace, serenity and freedom, and protection from those who pursued them, by those who want to reduce them to slavery, from those who took away the right to live in peace in their own land. The enemy has many of these refugees face, war, famine, dictatorship, persecution for religious, ethnic or family.
The hundreds of people trapped in Libya today, locked up in detention centers, at the request of the European Community, primarily Italy, which has signed agreements to prevent the arrival of refugees, thus delivering them into the hands of Libyan soldiers who abuse today and rape them, mistreating and killing dozens of refugees without anyone asking this into account.
Last night they called me desperate women and exasperated by the continuing violence of the military, the call began with the cry of a pregnant woman on the ninth month of pregnancy, which suffered from the lack of area, because they are locked in a large room in 10 people with the hot weather, without washing facilities, without the possibility of out into the open to get some of the area, in addition, there violence of the soldiers who beat him, there lack of drinking water, lack of food, the phone call ended with the cry of a child of 10 years, saying "I'm afraid, here have closed in the dark, not sivede nothing, there a stink that you can not breathe, let us out"
In this group of women got a woman who suffers from asthma, last night was very bad due to lack of area, women have cried out for help to the military, hoping to take her out to get some of the area, but the response of the military and was "well that cracks" all this why? Countries like Italy that have a historical and moral debt to these people who are now the leading provider of refugees, what makes Italy to help these people? instead of keeping him locked in Libya in degrading conditions exposed to any danger, abuse and violence fierce armed men who have refugee as goods or slaves, would have been more an act of civilization that Italy impegnase at the European search protection and a secure legal entry to these refugees in Europe.
Agreements between states to prevent the arrival of refugees in Europe, his end result was simply to encourage, fatten the trafficking of human beings, with this type of policy anti migration, have enriched the senzzali of human flesh, Today more than ever ediventato flourishing traffic in human beings and organs of the market.
From 2009 - 2011 have disappeared between Sudan and Egypt more than 4,000 underage children of refugees, in the same period, more than 3000 people missing in the Sinai, in these two years almost 2000 refugees died in the Mediterranean, this is the result of choices and wrong policies made between Europe and North Africa.
Today we have 60,000 asylum seekers, denied rights in Israel, have become the subject of racist attacks and exploitation in the workplace, with government officials who foment hatred against African migrants, all this in total silence of the governments of the international community. These migrants have poured into Israel after the agreement between Italy and Libya in 2008-2009, and the side effects of agreements and policy choices have caused thousands presone to trust in the hands of the traffickers that the proposed towards Israel, still no state including Israel really fighting the traffickers, they prefer inffligere further suffering to refugees who have come to ask for protection, that are now being taken today, the state of Israel, Libya, Egypt or Algeria, ect ....
The states are unusually strong with the most debboli, unarmed instead to the large traffickers in human beings and organs, all this is very strange.
I call, hoping for some European parlamentere person of conscience, I can hear the cries of suffering humanity, of these refugees, which can be discussed in the European Parliament, how to protect these people, not how to deny him the right to get to seek asylum in the EU, but to find solutions which restores the dignity and freedom.
I also appeal to ask the EU to ask the state of Israel respect for the rights of asylum seekers, to stop repingimenti in the desert of Sinai, and stop any attack and the spiral of hatred that was planted members of the Israeli government against refugees Africans who have suffered a lot of damage in recent months.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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