venerdì 5 ottobre 2012

A mausoleum for the "Marshal of Italy" Rodolfo Graziani is a shame!

A mausoleum for the "Marshal of Italy" Rodolfo Graziani (1882-1955) was a member of the Royal Italian Army during the First and Second World War, had a lead role during the war in Ethiopia, and was governor of Cyrenaica.

Historically recognized as responsible for numerous war crimes, massacres of civilians and the widespread use of lethal gas (banned from all international conventions) in Libya and the Horn of Africa since 1930.

Rodolfo Graziani was to coordinate the deportation from Cyrenaica in 1930 of 100,000 civilians across the desert to the concentration camps of Sirte: 10,000 of those men died from the terrible conditions of the voyage and the ill-treatment, while many others perished in the camps fascists. Rodolfo Graziani was to command the slaughter of 30,000 civilians Ethiopians with a fierce retaliation as a reaction to an attack on his person.

Rodolfo Graziani was to ask the head of 1,400 religious belonging to the Ethiopian clergy accused of sympathizing with patriots who heroically resisted the brutal invasion.

Well, the City of Affile in the province of Rome, has seen fit to devote to this ruthless criminal fascist monument built with the money of the Lazio Region. This act offends us, offends the memory of all those who lost their lives under the command of Rodolfo Graziani. All this is a shame in a civilized and democratic.

Those who defend, justify and even celebrate a war criminal as an accomplice moral of that criminal.

A fire brand has been imprinted on the skin of every Italian, when the City of Affile had erected a mausoleum that: it is an insult to our people, to the memory of our ancestors who were massacred, this revisionism offends us, the unsuspecting Italian population, which knows the true story, is dragged in the shed blood of criminals as Graziani.

The operation to celebrate the infamous fascist Graziani, is the daughter of removal and deletion of historical memory, of Italy that he never wanted to come to terms with his past, which has never faced its historical and moral responsibility. This celebration should be canceled and the only way to do this is a public apology from the Mayor of Affile, the removal of this symbol of human idiocy. This monument is the mark of shame that the City of Affile entire threw on Italy! You have to remove the dangerous symbols of evil: we do not allow that they can take root again! What models offer our young people? If we celebrate the War criminals as heroes, which is the future of this country? You have to start a serious debate on the historical and political development of the Italian colonial period in East Africa.
I appeal to the Italian democratic institutions to intervene to prevent this drift towards revisionism, which tends to justify even the worst criminal fascist remedy this serious act that offends the sense of history and millions of people in Eitrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Libya .
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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