lunedì 19 novembre 2012

SOS, risk deportation in the Sahara Desert

I get requests for help from the detention center Shurman, near Zawya, about 150 African refugees, of which 30 Eritrean refugees at risk of deportation to nowhere in the desert, now as in the days of Colonel, refugees in sub-Saharan are taken by force from detention, loaded onto the famous container truck, packed like animals, forced to travel for days without food or water, to the point of drinking their own urine to survive. The military are downloading the Libyan desert to the south with the end with Niger and Chad, where they risk dying of hunger and thirst, already 500 migrants in West Africa in recent weeks have been abandoned in the Libyan desert. The news of these dropouts came from some Africans who were deported to the southern border, were rescued from smugglers, were able to communicate by telephone with their companions remained in detention centers, warning them of the danger that awaits. This practice has already been used by the previous regime, endangering the lives of thousands of human beings, there are hundreds of people who lost their lives in these deportations are real crimes against humanity. From this practice benefit the traffickers, the few that survive end up in their hands, and they are held hostage until you pay to take their journey.
Detention Center Shurman, there are some seriously sick people, who are in danger between life and death, they do not receive medical care, in recent weeks, some UNHCR had occurred in this center to bring people to the hospital in serious condition, the military guard prevented, that those in need of medical care to leave the detention center. How many refugees who lost their lives in detention centers in Libya, for lack of health care, mistreatment and beatings of militiamen who oversee the various centers, the shooting of refugees that cause deaths, all of this responsibility will fall on the government of the country .
Urgent!, The international community intervene on the Libyan authorities to promote respect for international law in the field of human rights, rights of asylum seekers and refugees, but above all respect the Human Dignity of these persons. It is unacceptable that human beings are abandoned in the desert knowing certainly that risk their lives, it would be a murder of state. The European Parliament and Italy have the key role to a solution which respects the fundamental rights of these people, who are now tolerate harassment, abuse and beatings because of the policy of outsourcing of its borders, which has delegated to these countries control the flow of migrants and refugees. The responsibility for the crimes committed on the lives of these refugees is a responsibility also of European governments that have signed agreements funded system of these countries that are causing untold suffering to the death of hundreds of refugees and displaced persons in northern Africa. I ask that the European Parliament clarification of the choices of some member states, and pressures on the southern shores of the Mediterranean and the consequences of that.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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