sabato 9 febbraio 2013

Continue to African Hunting in Libya!

Does not stop the fury of the Libyans against the Africans coming from Sub-Saharan Africa. In Tripoli, in the Abu Selim, armed gangs rake the area in search of refugees. They are forced to barricade themselves in their homes, afraid to go out, just to buy bread. Those found on the street, not only is beaten and beaten, robbed of his few possessions, but is likely to be deported to Sebha, terrible detention center in southern Libya.
The competent authorities close their eyes to these constant attacks of obvious racial and / or religious.
We appeal to the Libyan authorities: STOP THIS HUNTING the African! We ask that the human and civil rights of refugees are respected.

Launch a further appeal to the EU for you to intervene with the Government of Libya to protect the rights of these people, rights that are strongly violated in these hours in the Libyan capital.
They are men, and yet they are given the hunt as beasts!
In recent days, hundreds of people displaced in the south of Libya, people who need assistance and aid.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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