martedì 19 febbraio 2013

Libya: Black African refugees and refugee camps in inhuman conditions

African refugees in sub-Saharan Africa are jailed in Libya-camps, places of detention terrible, took Europe! We receive dozens of reports of IDPs and refugees, mostly from the Horn of Africa, held without plausible reason in these camps of the third millennium, so similar to the "old" no respect for the human being, both physically and mentally.
In recent weeks, hundreds of Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis to be victims of hunting black, strongly supported the initiative and supported by the police and the Lebanese Army, just in time for the second anniversary of the fall of the old regime of Gaddafi. But what "revolution"? "The Libyan Spring" is nothing but a barbarism of Human and Civil Rights! In recent months, many Christians, carrying signs of their faith, have contacted us and testified that they had been assaulted in detention centers because they profess a different faith. They were forced to observe Ramadan and beaten if found in possession of a Bible or a cross around her neck .....
Libya does not respect the rights of asylum seekers and / or refugees. It seems to go back in the dawn of time. We like to remember that Ghedaffi was a signatory of the 1969 OAU Convention, which entered into force in 1974, but that still does not meet Libya, see Article IV Non-discrimination: "Member States undertake to apply the provisions of this Convention to all refugees, regardless of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. "
In modern Libya, it is exactly the opposite!
What happens in the detention centers of Sebha and Birak is a grave violation of Human Rights of 1948 and
the four Geneva Conventions (1949 on International Humanitarian Law, as well as a number of international and regional treaties and declarations, non-binding, that meet specifically the needs of refugees, and the 1969 OAU Convention, which note further, Libya signed.
But what is the real situation of the refugees in the camps Libyans? Their living conditions are unacceptable. The degradation is complete. Refugees and asylum seekers living in 130 crowded into a room of 16 square meters, in the company of lice and rats, no water for personal hygiene and no change of clothes. Even drinking water is low and the food is so bad that you would not even dogs. They are used as free labor, we point out: they are SLAVES, and are constantly harassed both physically and verbally. There are no medicines of any kind available, even a trivial Panadol. We know that some people are suffering in
because of the beatings and beatings by the military who suffer. Medical care is not adequate.
Europe, Nobel Prize for Peace, has a guilty conscience, blood of so many innocent people who die in detention centers and camps in Libya, took the policy of closing of European borders to the south of the Mediterranean. The Europe makes it complicit in the violation of human and civil rights, discrimination and racial and religious they face today in Libya, thousands of refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa.
It has come to this through the continuous pressure that Europe has exercised and still exercises incessantly both in terms of political, economic and diplomatic that of countries such as Libya, to do this job criminal, that is locked up in concentration camps thousands of people to avoid a knock at the gates of Europe.
Even Switzerland, which until now, granted the requests for asylum in its diplomatic missions in various parts of the world, the month of June has called a referendum. Citizens must comment on the total closing reception. Another possibility that could vanish forever. These choices will favor one side the trafficking of human beings, on the other increases the unjustified suffering of refugees and displaced persons, forced to live (or die) in the camps as soon as we have described above.
We call for Europe to assume its responsibilities and to change its policy on immigration. Ask in a loud voice that they comply with the Human Rights are discarded agreements with countries that do not respect the international conventions for the protection of human rights of refugees.
Europe must do to ensure a secure location and legal input for asylum seekers, with appropriate settlement programs is possible. The asylum seeker should be able to apply for asylum in diplomatic missions and, in the case of emergency humanitarian evacuation. The life and dignity of every man must never be jeopardized and never be left to chance, fate.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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