venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

Urgent appeal ! Refugees and migrants at risk of forced deportation from Libya

Urgent appeal !

Over 1200 refugees and migrants at risk of forced deportation from Libya to their countries of origin. All come from Sub-Saharan Africa: 350 Eritreans are, the others come from Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, Niger and Chad.
Radio and television Libyan announced that: "We are forced to take these measures, because many of them are people carrying diseases and other problems."
Obviously this is a motivation absurd and clearly racist: it is a hunting African. All this happens within a few days of the fall of the old regime.
The Libyan government announced in this way to protect refugees and migrants, but they are treated worse than animals. Forcibly deported in the south of Libya, specifically in Sebha and Barika (70 km from Sebha), where they arrived after 12 hours of grueling journey, crammed onto trucks like animals.
UNHCR has already been alerted must avoid at all costs the deportation of asylum seekers and migrants in their countries of origin, according to the Geneva Convention of 1951, Convention which Libya's Ghedafi, I have never subscribed to that of today, but, it is noted that the former leader had signed the Convention of African Unity for the protection of refugees and displaced persons.
We ask: - Compliance with the international conventions that protect the rights of refugees and displaced persons. The Libyan authorities to allow UNHCR to detention camps in the south of the country, so that it can be made a test of the actual conditions of the people held there. Appropriate assistance and full respect for their human dignity.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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