mercoledì 5 giugno 2013

Here's how to live in Libya, detention centers for refugees and displaced persons, thanks to European funds!

European Funds in Libya for the inhumane conditions in detention centers for refugees.

On June 20, we celebrate the World Refugee Day, what are we to celebrate? in recent years, also because of the moral and social crisis of the European continent, where there is a strong regression of human rights, where advancing policies more and more less likely to reception, closing more prone to selfish to protect the privileges of a few, some cases we have seen openly xenophobic speeches. The truth is that there is around a strong insecurity, deliberately disseminated in recent years, dramatically boosting news stories involving the 'non-EU', even inventing a nonexistent crime, such as 'illegal', in doing so alarmed more public opinion, for electoral gain. This tendency can be seen throughout Europe.
Now even the 'civilized' Switzerland is preparing to celebrate groped for a referendum to amend the law on asylum, practically groped to close their doors in the face of thousands of asylum seekers, so you prefer to finance europe countries such as Libya , to keep the camps hundreds of people fleeing their countries like Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan.
Behold, I have received two reports from Libya by groups of Eritrean refugees who have been detained in the camps which carries the license plate of the European Commission and that of the IOM, the refugees asked me why they were in a structure that seems built with European funds dedicated or otherwise explains the plaque affixed in the shed where 54 Eritrean Christian faith are forced to live crowded together, living the nightmare every day because of the military firing wildly drunk or high, or have fun throw stones to hit the pile this happens every night in the center of Burshada, tagged IOM and the European Commission, European funds used to build the camps where torture refugees? this is the purpose? what is the "go-ahead to the cooperation between the EU and Libya to fight illegal immigration"?.

Another downtown Shurman where they are retained African women of which 95 Eritrean, Ethiopian 10, another 10 of various origins from West Africa. There are 10 women pregnant some are also in the finishing straight because they are the eighth and ninth month of pregnancy, have never seen a doctor, no assistance or preventive controls to avoid any risk for giving birth in places unsuitable for the poor hygienic condition of health facilities, to the over crowding in which they are forced to stay with them there are 15 children ages ranging from 07 months up to 5 years all forced to live in detention without any fault, it must undergo suffering unexplained all in the name of protecting the fortress europe. Women have told me that there are also sick women in need of care, who do not receive some, sick severe suffering to the heart, uterus, some severe asthma who are struggling to live in those conditions with dirt.

What we ask is, who must protect refugees and displaced persons? if people in need of international protection are required in the camps that bring plates of IOM & EU, institutions that are supposed to represent for many refugees and displaced persons 'salvation' protection, hospitality, instead find themselves living the nightmare.
I appeal to the European Union, to cooperate with Libya to combat violations of human rights against the discrimination suffered by the Christian community and those from Sub-Saharan Africa.

The European Union should fight the motives for the peoples of East Africa to leave their land, to seek a safer place to live. We need a serious fight against hunger, against wars and dictatorships. the EU should not become complicit in the abuse, mistreatment, inhuman concentration camps where people are massacred a fight to the death. The EU needs to engage in a serious struggle for human rights and the rights of refugees, not against them, so you are likely to push them into meal and into the hands of traffickers, smugglers are wrapped undivided military. I ask for European politicians to commit to clarify that you are doing use of European funds in Libya.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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