mercoledì 22 aprile 2015

800 People dad is Announced tragedies, and Cruelty unheard in Libia at the gates of Europe

Our hearts are full of pain, the massacre of refugees in the Mediterranean, the massacre of Christians Eritreans and Ethiopians in Libya, the silence of the powerful of the earth today God asks each of us the blood of your brothers and your sister cries before me, where your brother and your sister where?
For 15 years, we are witnessing the death of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean, Europe can not do nothing but lesinarci words of fact and hypocrisy. A Europe that spends millions to upgrade its military hardware, but has no money to save human lives, did not want to look at the combined mess in Africa, Middle East.
Are flourishing market where selling arms, to exploit natural resources, bring in cheap workers.

The Council of Ministers of the European internal produced the famous 10 points: -
- Strengthening of joint operations in the Mediterranean, ie Triton and Poseidon, increasing the financial resources and the number of means. Also extend their operational area, allowing them to intervene more broadly, within the mandate of Frontex;
Unclear, thus means "within the mandate of Frontex"? that does not change its nature is there to monitor the borders, not to go to seek and to save human lives, will do so only if he happens under your nose, since he can not avoid it, otherwise it would violate international law. These are the answers that they know so much indifference and little desire to actually commit to a mission to protect the lives of people in danger.
- A systematic effort to capture and destroy the boats used by traffickers. The positive results obtained with Operation Atalanta should inspire similar operations against traffickers in the Mediterranean;
  This requires the cooperation of the Libyan state, but in this current phase with those who agree? with General that governs Tripoli or the government into a corner of the various militias that vie for the country, including ISIS and its sympathizers? Unrealistic.
- EUROPOL, FRONTEX, EASO and Eurojust will meet regularly and will work closely together to gather information on the modus operandi of traffickers, to track their funds and to assist in the investigation;
  About time if they do seriously, since 2009 we asked to follow the flow of money to track down the traffickers. Now let's see if the words will follow the facts.
- EASO will send teams in Italy and Greece in the joint asylum applications;
This assumes overcoming Dublin III otherwise what use?
- Member States will ensure the collection of fingerprints of all migrants; 
the Dublin Regulation I-II-III is a real cage for many refugees who wish to go in northern Europe to reunite with relatives and friends, to have a better future, compared to the conditions of slaves that awaits in Italy and Greece.
-Verranno Evaluated the options for a transfer mechanism of an emergency;
  We are in an emergency for 15 years and we would be for the next 15 years if you do not pacify the Horn of Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, where there will be an investment for the development, will be just words in the wind.
-A Large European pilot project of resettlement on a voluntary basis, to provide places for people in need of protection;
not clear from where to where? then voluntary basis know how things go, a lot of smoke slightly roasted.
- A new program for early return of irregular migrants by Member States at the forefront, coordinated by Frontex;
No to expulsions without first verifying the person's right to seek asylum, without first being satisfied that the person sent back to the country of origin does not run no danger to his life, his freedom and his return must be accompanied with a draft re- social and work otherwise, will return.
- The engagement with the countries that surround Libya through a joint effort between the Commission and the EEAS; initiatives in Niger must be intensified.
The Policy Pilate will not last long, as well as make it hard for the country to which you want to do the dirty work, will increase the suffering of the refugees in vain, and the traffickers will open other routes to bring people to Europe, until there will be the instrument of corruption there will be many links that will widen as in the days of Gaddafi.
- Sending immigration liaison officers in key third countries, to gather information on migration flows and strengthen the role of the EU delegations.
Still proposals in key defensive fortress Europe, no one thinks that the protection of refugees, in which suffering danger undergo nobody cares. All 10 points that put prevails Europe's desire to defend itself from those who come to ask for help and protection, they have not spent a word on how to relieve the suffering of millions of people today who are forced to live in a state of war or persecution. All this is a source of sadness and pain for us, Europe is dropping his myth of being "the island of the human right and right to asylum".

Testimony current: -Yesterday we heard from about 400 Eritreans and Ethiopians detained in a former school near Misrata, told us that were captured by soldiers loyal to the general who commands Tripoli, to capture them have hired an armed conflict with another group that held prisoners during this conflict have died three Eritreans, are injured five others who now do not know what happened to them. Yesterday were taken the place of detention 50 women taken by armed men do not know where they were taken, it what the reason for which they were taken away by the other comrades. They told us that every touch comes in the prison a Libyan woman, takes a group of prisoners, take them at his place of buying and selling, demanding payment of $ 2000 - $ 2500 per person for his release, this woman is in connection with intermediaries Eritreans, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Somalis who organize the trip in collaboration with the Libyans. In prison refugees are forced to observe the Islamic prayer times, who does not pray with other Muslim prisoners being beaten by the militia who are on call. Here sa happen in the famous detention centers in Libya today, that could happen tomorrow in Niger, Chad, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria ect ... In the above are in prison occasionally Visit operators IOM, but merely bring two three blankets , some soap ect ... do not do anything for the protection and liberation of these refugees kept in sanitary condition totally degrading to human dignity.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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