domenica 19 aprile 2015

The undeclared war Europe against Migrants and Refugees.

The European Union Prize Nobel Peace conducts an undeclared war against migrants and refugees who are unarmed knocking on the doors of Europe, to seek asylum and protection.
The rejection of the European Union to put in place a program equivalent of the Mare Nostrum is a clear declaration of war against migrants and refugees. Let them die at sea is a passive way to fight a war they do not want to declare.
That's just in the first months of 2015, there are about 1,600 people died in the Mediterranean, in what Europe considers wrongly "Mare Nostrum" but in fact does not show it, because the Mediterranean in the last 15 years has become the graveyard for many children , women, men and young people. People who hoped to find a face friends, a helping hand to comfort them, to protect them.
After the tragedy of Lampedusa in 2013 we have seen and heard politicians of great institutional responsibility to promise no more tragedies like this, it is well we are here today to cry again hundreds of victims.
The responsibility of failed states from which this exodus of refugees, the international community looks guilty silence, while ravaging the country and the population, forcing them to flee. The result of this guilty silence is there for all of us.
These victims are on the conscience of those criminals who were sent into the fray, are also on the conscience of those criminals of politics and of European finance who refuse to put at the center of human life, to the point of pretending not to see that the Mediterranean is dyed red with the blood of thousands of innocents.
This is our cry of pain in front of the deaf ears of Europe and the entire international community.
Too many wrong answers that have favored the human trafficking, the booming market of the journey of hope, thriving for "matchmakers of human flesh" as defined already more than 100 years ago Blessed Gionanni Battista Scalabrini, who denounced the traffic and Italian exploitation of migrants to the Americas. Today most of the time the merchants of flesh wound, defenseless of thousands of migrants and refugees is mercantegiata with complicity of state apparatuses and criminal groups, all the doors of Europe, a Europe that seems to put aside the core values ​​of your story has seen two world wars and totalitarian governments, the extermination of peoples.
I wonder how can today see this coldness before these tragedies, because words are not enough of circumstance or the tears of some pious soul, serving actions, concrete answers, to protect and prevent these tragedies.
Our appeal Europe find your Soul and so sensitive and solidarity with those who suffered.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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