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venerdì 10 gennaio 2020

Libya, the appeal of the refugees: “We are trapped in the lager with no escape routes

“About 650 people, women and men of different nationalities, including 400 Eritreans and Ethiopians, live constantly in fear, because we continuously hear gunshots nearby, we are closed here, without protection, without escape routes in case of attack, we risk our lives” . It is the dramatic appeal that comes from a group of migrants in the detention centers in Libya, relaunched by Don Mussie Zerai, president of Habeshia.The evacuation request tells of an inhuman situation that hundreds of refugees live every day. “Our concentration camp – said the migrants – is also used as a weapons depot this fact increases the risk that we become a probable military target. Between 27 and 28 December they bombed some structures very close to ours, this fact increases the terror that pervades all of us”.
Then the appeal: “We ask the help of all European institutions and humanitarian agencies to mobilize to find and implement an extraordinary evacuation plan. Every hesitation and postponement endangers the lives of hundreds of human lives”.Don Zerai, considered the guardian angel of migrants, also experienced the drama on his skin and was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. “We can say that we live in a pigsty. – we read in the post where the detention center is called” lager “- We have not received anything for personal hygiene for months, we have been forced to drink salt water, of which we do not know the Health problems are on the agenda; the most serious are the people affected by the TB. We urgently need medical checks, especially those who take care of people who are already in a clear state of need, whom we see in front of we wear ourselves out, as if they were candles burned by the disease, which is consuming them from within. Now we feel abandoned, many of us have fallen into depression, others try to escape to take the sea route, all from the desperation in which we are left to survive. We have cases of attempted suicide, among those who have been for a year and more, forced to move from one concentration camp to another, without seeing a window for their future “.
The difficulties have increased with the heightening of political tensions within the country: “We live in constant danger, not to mention privations, and degradation and degrading conditions for our human dignity in which we are forced to survive. We ask for help all European institutions and humanitarian agencies to mobilize to find and implement an extraordinary plan to evacuate these vulnerable people “.

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