giovedì 21 novembre 2019

World Day for the Rights of the Child 20/11/1989 - 2019

Today, World Day for the Rights of the Child. 30 years after the New York Convention, what do we celebrate? With what courage we can say that they have rights recognized by the international community to refugee children, refugees, migrants who are forced to survive in total degradation and degrading for their dignity as human beings, in Libyan camps, in refugee camps in Greece, in palaces crumbling in Italy, in makeshift tents in France and in many countries of East Europe, not to mention the Syrian, Afghan, Palestinian, Kurd, Iraqi, Somali, Eritrean, South Sudanese, Congolese, Burundian, Haitian, Venezuelan, Chilean children , Bolivia, Rohingya ect .... Where are the rights of all these children? exploited, enslaved, abused, up to slaughtered to sell vital organs. Children kept in detention in so-called large democracies such as the United States of America, where today hundreds of children are detainees separated from their parents, where these children suffer abuse and violence, this happens today !!! In the country where the convention to protect the rights of all the world's children was formed 30 years ago. But it seems that today this convention is worth nothing in the country where it was signed. What the UN has to celebrate today in the face of the violations perpetrated by the "democracies" let alone the others what they will do.

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