mercoledì 5 novembre 2014

Refugees: suspend deportations to Italy from north EU states

Call to Switzerland and all EU states
Should be suspended all deportation orders of asylum seekers to Italy from Switzerland and all EU states.

In recent days, after the suicide in the detention center for foreigners in Aarau, a young Eritrean about to be sent back to Italy, we have already launched an appeal in this regard to the Swiss authorities. Now I renew not only against Bern but of all the EU states that for months they are giving back to Rome thousands of refugees who are suspected to have landed in Sicily or at least the southern coast of the Italian peninsula before reaching other European countries.

To give force to our new appeal is the decision dated November 4, 2014 by the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which involves both Switzerland and Italy. We have already explained many times that our request for suspension of deportation is rooted from the fact that the system of Italian hospitality does not guarantee any genuine process of social inclusion and resettlement for refugees. Who, after having obtained from the State the right to asylum or any other form of international protection are left to themselves, doomed to become "invisible" without rights, without the possibility of finding homes and jobs, almost always doomed to settle in shelters and in fact placed into a huge reservoir of black labor and exploitation. Now this same picture also confirms the Strasbourg Court: Italy does not offer sufficient guarantees for asylum seekers to a concrete path of integration, respect for human rights.

And 'what emerges from the judgment that - otherwise looked forward to a formal condemnation - notice the Swiss government by postponing an Afghan family in Italy for 8 persons (father, mother and six children) landed in Calabria in 2011 and repaired in the Helvetic Republic, where he appealed to the right of asylum. The Swiss authorities have decreed the expulsion, referring to the Treaty of Dublin, by which to take charge of the refugees is to be the first European country in which they arrive. In this case, Italy precisely. But the Strasbourg court has determined that this regulation does not apply if in the host country lacks decent living conditions, especially for children. And Italy, according to the judges, is one of the countries at risk. In particular, for the problem of the house. "There is no evidence - we read in the device of the Court - that asylum seekers returned now in Italy and other European countries, according to the Dublin Regulation, Corrano the danger of being left without a place to live or are accommodated in unhealthy and where you are experiencing violence. "

On this basis, we renew the federal authorities and the Swiss cantonal appeal to suspend all proceedings for the expulsion or already defined during the preliminary investigation. And we extend this same appeal to other European Union countries, renewing the reasons we have expressed repeatedly to support this request and now fully confirmed by the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Court, however, in its latest resolution, reiterated in the middle of the ideas already expressed in other important sentences: the sentence imposed on October 21 last year to Italy and Greece for the expulsion decided in 2009 against 35 refugees on board of force to Patras to Ancona, Venice and Bari; the suspension of the expulsion orders and return to Rome for many refugees decreed in 2011 by the 41 courts of Germany. Although it is from time to time to individual cases, in fact, the uniqueness of judgment constitutes a general situation and also a previous legal one is not permitted to disregard.
                                                                Don Mussie Zerai

                                                         President of the agency Habeshia

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