venerdì 22 luglio 2011

The Emigrants' Commission offered its condolences to his family.

Updated: Emigrants' Commission tribute to Eritreean refugee

(Adds PN's, PL's condolences)
France, which had shown so much sympathy with refugees in Malta, should be proud that one of its citizens was saved by a refugee, the Emigrants Commission said today.
Ashih Tekleab Haile drowned after saving a young Frenchman in rough seas in Paradise Bay yesterday afternoon.
The Emigrants' Commission offered its condolences to his family. 
The 32-year-old was married to Selemawit Hagus Belay. The couple met and married in Sudan in 2006 and arrived in Malta by boat in October 2009.
Funeral details will be announced later.
In a statement issued this afternoon, the Nationalist Party also expressed its condolences saying that although this young man had died he would continue living in the people's memory.
The Labour Party said the country should honour Mr Haile with a posthumous National Order of Merit.

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