martedì 14 aprile 2020

Urgent Appeal !!! Don't turn the Mediterranean into the mass grave

Mr. President of the European Parliament, Hon. David Sassoli
Mr. President of the Italian Council, Dr. Giuseppe Conte
Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Robert Abela

In these hours we hear the cries of pain, and the request for help from boats, full of human beings, from what you call "Mare Nostrum". On Easter Sunday, the day on which the announcement of the victory of life over death must be announced, instead we learned of the shipwreck, with dozens of deaths. Because the policy of closed ports, it seems that has also closed the hearts and ears of the maritime authorities, who have received several reports of SOS from refugees and drifting migrants. The heartbreaking cry of a mother describing the scene she is forced to witness, lifeless children, in danger of life, the desperate request arrived on the Allarm Phon phone, also broadcast on various social and news channels in Italy. What civilization is he who ignores this desperate request? it would be a crime against humanity.
I implore all the competent authorities to rescue all people in danger of life, still in these abandoned hours in the Mediterranean.
Rev. Mussie Zerai

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