sabato 21 luglio 2012

SOS Libya: Firefight against refugees in Libya

Today, the Libyan police, in prison Sibrata Mentega Delila (Tripoli), did not hesitate to shoot with proietili against starving refugees who demanded food, a boy of 18 severely affected all'adome now recovering in hospital, and was presented to the hospital Ghedaffi as a mercenary, but it was only a young Eritrean asylum seeker. Another 19-year hit on the ear with an iron bar, all because asylum seekers have sought food and water for two days is not already given them. maltratate this morning were also women who are pregnant, tidandole upon the chairs of iron, in response to their cries, when they saw the blood of the young man hit by bullet by and nothing but impressed by sabrar sangunava ears of iron from polizioti. This group of 350 people including 50 women, 6 of which are pregnant, one of them has to give birth in two weeks or so, there are 2 children in a 1-year and a half in need of medical care, all are in prison Sibrata Mentega of Delila (Tripoli). These people are victims of military abuse of power they have to force them to do a month of fasting when they are not of Islamic faith, those who refuse pichiato is brutally, as happened today.

The religious freedom of these people is violated, trampled on the dignity of these people, the Libyan authorities must stop this violence and torture they are subjected daily to these refugees.

We appeal to the Italian authorities, under their bilateral agreements with the Libyan authorities, ask the Libyan authorities to stop any abuse and violence against Eritrean refugees, not to endanger the lives of these people, these asylum seekers are taken into UNHCR immediately surrender of Tripoli. We demand respect for religious freedom, to stop all forms of torture against asylum seekers.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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