mercoledì 4 luglio 2012

SOS Risk 76 Eritreans deported from Libya

A group of 76 people were intercepted by vessels flying the double flag of the Italian and Libyan. The boat that was sent back, is called Napolyo 25, the date of the rejection is 29.06.12, the place where they are held is called, Sibrata Mentega Delila (Tripoli). The Eritrean refugees almost all are certain to have been intercepted by a joint patrolling Italy and Libya. Once the list of people have been transported back in Libyan waters took a flat-shaped oil delivered to the Libyan soldiers who have taken the unit in Libya, in the port of Tripoli, then transferred to a new detention center still under construction, threatened by soldiers who will be deported to the country of origin.
These 76 people are all asylum seekers in the group are women and children, the youngest of two years.
Asking for help to stave off deportation to the country of origin, we lend our voice to cry out to them for violations of the rights of asylum seekers currently in the Mediterranean and Libya.
With the testimony of these refugees are in place that includes the mass expulsions of the high seas without anyone verify the actual situation and conditions of those who would have the right to asylum.
We appeal to the Italian authorities, under their bilateral agreements with the Libyan authorities, ask the Libyan authorities to stop any intention to deportation of Eritrean refugees, not to endanger the lives of these people, these asylum seekers to be sent immediately in UNHCR hands of Tripoli.
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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