venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Egypt: Trafficking in human beings and organs increasingly flourishing is more bloody.

Egypt: Trafficking in human beings and organs increasingly flourishing is more bloody.

From yesterday on a state visit the Egyptian president, in Italy. But we have not heard from any of the Italian authorities to ask for a real commitment to the new Egyptian president, the "new Egypt" a lockout is more real fight against trafficking in human beings and organs.
Just to make figures from 2007 - 2012 has been more than 100 000 refugees, all have been victims of trafficking in human beings, from 2009-2012, more than 3,000 refugees have disappeared into thin air, in the region of Sinai, it is feared that all are dead, victims of organ trafficking and torture inflicted on them by the traffickers, or even victims of Egyptian police, who always shot in the back refugees who attempted to cross the border with Israel.
Today I received the terrible news of the death of a boy of 13 years, Eritrean nationality, died under torture at the hands of his captors in the Sinai, many more are likely to do the same bad end. The Government egizianno what they are doing to stop this horror, a crime against humanity that is taking place in the Egyptian trritorio, what responsibilities you are taking the new Egyptian government? if not around quickly, will end up to become complicit in these crimes and its criminals.

How many refugees were left to rot in Egyptian prisons? many of which carry the visible signs of torture and gunshot shots of the same Egyptian police.
Someone should ask the Egyptian president rispetare of the human rights of these people, Egypt is a signatory to the Geneva Convention of 1951, well it does not, many asylum seekers are in Egyptian prisons under inhumane, degrading conditions for the same dignity human.
I appeal to the Italian institutions, to request a specific commitment to the Egyptian president, to the fight against trafficking in human beings and oragani. We know that the whole Sinai is now in full control of traffickers, and armed men who roam throughout the Sinai Peninsula. We need a tough fight against human trafficking and oragani in southern Egypt on the border with Sudan, before raggiunganno the Sinai Peninsula, is a strong political will and military commitment to put an end to this horror for two years we are denouncing.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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