domenica 23 dicembre 2018

Italy: Meeting on Defense of Human Rights in Rome

Matteo Nardone
Debate in Rome, at the Audiovisual Archive of the Workers and Democrats Movement, 
on the defense of human rights, on the dignity of individuals, on the rescue of migrants at sea. Participated: 
Oscar Camps (Founder Open Arms), Anabèl Montes (Head of the Open Arms Mission), 
Luigi Manconi (Unar President), Don Mussie Zerai (Habeshia Agency Director), Elena Stancanelli (Writer), 
Giorgia Linardi (Sea-Watch Italy Spokesperson) ), Lorenzo Leonetti (Chef and volunteer on board),
 Valerio Nicolosi (Photographer and volunteer on board), Andrea Costa (Baobab Experience), 
Diego Bianchi (journalist)

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