mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Saudi Arabia : Shocking News please Urgent action is needed‏

From the Office of Abune Berhaneyesus Souraphiel C.M, ArciEparchy of Addis Abeba: Fw: Shocking News please Urgent action is needed‏

To Whom It May Concern;

We are concerned Ethiopians in Diaspora, who closely follow our detained 35 Ethiopians in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia while they were gathering in a home to celebrate Christmas in December 2011, which is allowed according to the law of the country. From these innocent prisoners, 29 of them are women who some of them left their children in their home.

We hope that you heard the news which is spread all over the world through different mass media including VOA Amharic Service on Jan 12, 2012. Our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are beaten and suffocated in a tiny space (10mx5m) together with 400 other prisoners without enough food and medical attention. For this reason many of them are sick and three people died. They are forced to stand or sleep on the top of other prisoners by taking turns. Above all, our sisters were humiliated and abused to the extent that they felt being raped as a religious police was allowed to put her hand in their private parts using a single glove to all of them without changing the glove that they couldn’t handle the situation but rather to die. All their crime is being Christians and celebrating Christmas in their home without breaking the country’s law.

To defy these types of cruel activities, we sincerely urge the international community to remind the government of Saudi Arabia of this crime on humanity, to respect international law, and to comply with its own national law. We urge all international humanitarian bodies to save our brothers and sisters by providing necessities and medical support.

To stand for humanity means to stand for ourselves!!

To Ethiopian government
All concerned Ethiopians in Diaspora.

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