mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Sudanese police involved in the trafficking of Eritrean refugees

Sudanese police involved in the trafficking of Eritrean refugees: - Last night I received at 21.00 hours from 13 young boys now hostage in the Sinai, but the most serious thing that these guys have reported about a month ago they were sold to traffickers by the police of ethnic Rashayda Sudan .These guys once crossed the border of Eritrea-Sudan, surrendered themselves to the Sudanese police, hoping to find protection, then the police had to accompany them to the refugee camp Sheghrab as is normal, it believed these guys. Instead, the border police found in the place called Hafir (Kassel) has sold to the traffickers in these Rashayda, who sold him to the robbers of the Sinai, where they are now hostage for a month, it is asked for their release $ 25 thousand to the head. Other cases January 12, 2012 at 15:50 I received a desperate call for help from a woman who is a prisoner of the traffickers, along with her are 20 women, 5 of which are with children so there are six children and 12 adult males, men are blindfolded and chained hands and feet, women in chains only to walk away. The woman who called for help, talks about the continuous mistreatment, starvation, and violence. Other groups of hostages speak of sexual abuse of women, but there were also several cases of sexual abuse of young boys also. The various methods of torture used by electric shock to those burning with molten plastic, cigarettes or red-hot iron. The threat of smugglers who do not pay money up to $ 30,000 of the sale of organs remain a thriving market in that region as has already been amply demonstrated also by means of mass communication.
We appeal to the international community, particularly the EU, primarily to the Italian government, for a strong intervention from the Sudanese authorities to intervene on the complicity of some very serious policemen have become accomplices of the traffickers, especially in border areas and around refugee camps are dedicated to trafficking in persons. We ask a commitment of the diplomacy of the European Union to push these states to put an end to these acts of cruelty and crimes against vulnerable people, we also ask for the prevention interventions, and then ask for a pre-fight against the trafficking of organs and human beings, with a information campaign and to offer an alternative to refugees in Sudan and Ethiopia, dell'INERPOL action is needed to destroy the network of traffickers in human beings and organs. The international community must press the states involved in this traffic and the flow of money stained with innocent blood that is collected in Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Dubai, and in much of North Africa, Middle East and Europe. 
Fr. Mussie Zerai

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