sabato 16 giugno 2012

June 20 World Refugee Day?! what and who we talk?

In the last three years we are witnessing the decline even in the loss of the protection of refugees, the countries most concerned to protect their standard of living, their economy, which often stands on the shoulders of the new modern-day slaves, their identity already compromised by excessive aging ciated with the low birth rate. This world's richest countries pay developing countries to hold off the poor, the desperate, the persecuted who would come knocking at the doors of the house in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia. These countries are willing to pay those nations from which pass thousands of desperate, they lock even at the cost of each step on their fundamental rights, we have seen up close in North Africa, now that all things because of the revolutions, the migrants have worse than before.What we celebrate then, the failure to comply with international conventions? just see what is happening today in Israel, African refugees are trampled the most basic rights considered fundamental for every human being. Indeed the way in front of the notches violence, harassment, arrests, and fire all at the expense of African refugees in the name of the protection of "Identity" Jewish? or national Israel?! The rights of asylum denied to about 60 000 Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in Israel and the world well notches.Thousands of refugees in Yemen in a condition of disrepair, many detained in prison as if they were criminals, without any rights of private medical care in situations degrading to human dignity.A World Day for Refugees, must make us reflect that millions of refugees are placed in dangerous situations where they hoped to find protection, the case of Sudan where thousands of Eritrean refugees are at the mercy of traffickers in cooperation of some policemen kidnapped hundreds of refugees to sell in the Sinai Desert and extort money from them or kill them and sell their organs. Which make sense to give this day in front of so many people now ask more protection, the country proponents of beautiful international conventions and treaties to protect human and civil rights, they themselves are the protagonists of bilateral agreements that endanger the lives of thousands human beings in need of protection.For more than two years denounce the trafficking of human beings and organs in the Sinai and throughout the region, often the victims are refugees seeking protection, we have witnessed the tragedies in the Mediterranean more than 1500 dead in search of protection, some of these people died because of the omission of relief.The day the world has to make sense if the international community must make a serious commitment to remove all obstacles that mean that the legal instruments already exist to protect the rights of refugees may not work more than the lack of financial resources and human ones with competence and compassion. The international community must also endeavor to reduce the strong sense of selfishness that has led in recent years the enactment of laws that have seriously endangered many lives, in return have enriched many human traffickers.This day should prompt us all to ask for more respect and rights to those who are forced to leave their homeland, seeking asylum. So stop mass expulsions in the sea as land, just detentions of refugees criminalized without any fault. We make sure that the refugees do not come over, not because they found the doors closed, but because they can finally live in peace in their land.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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