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Eritrea: 20 Years Isolation! Grading Of Largest German TV-Video

4 June 2011
Berhane M Tekeste

That is how Germany's largest TV station, ARD, graded Eritrea 20 years post independence and 20 years under Eritrea tyrant Isias Afewark’s brutal tyrannical reign.
Eritrea tyrant extended a surprise cordial invitation to Germany's largest TV station to attend the country’s 20th Independence Anniversary hoping for a favorable report but the Germans were not hoodwinked neither by the tyrant’s cordiality nor the tyrant's sudden overture to German Media, they reported it like it is: Instead of 20 years of pride and dignity, they slapped the tyrant with the damning and damaging grade of '20 years isolation' or ‘20 Jahre Einsamkeit’ in German!
Eritrea, beautiful but distressing country; independent but isolated nation” that is how the subsequently produced and aired ARD's TV documentary (Eritrea: 20 Jahre Einsamkeit) summed up the state of Eritrea 20 years post independence. Below is a contextual English translation of said ARD's TV report to the German nation aired on 29 May 2011:
Intro.: Moderator Ute Brucker, “This week, our Africa correspondent, Werner Zeppenfeld, received a very unusual invitation to come to Eritrea and attend Eritrea's 20th Independence Anniversary Festival.
Normally, such festive events don't excite us yet we did not want to pass on this one because last time an ARD team was allowed in Eritrea was a decade ago!.
Eritrea has become a one-party[one-man]authoritarian state in total isolation from the rest of the world. Our team was excited, please watch their report.”
Narrator : Festival was organized in a propagandist 'Viking Opera' style with 4000 pupils and students, and columns of soldiers as the actors.
The choreographer of the mass show: Tyrant Isias Afewarki!
Eritrea's ruling elite is self-congratulating!
How long yet is a 'transitional dictatorship' supposed to last if 20 years didn't do it?
How long yet is "nation building" going to take if 20 years didn't do it?
Asmara may be the safest but it is the loneliest city in Africa.
People duped with ultra-nationalism, it is promptly expressed on demand!
The everlasting dictator has ordered sweat and discipline in the land. Any, all, and every opposition to that is jailed away or made to disappear!
The youth is fleeing the country en masse protesting the endless military service and the mandatory 'groupthink'!
For more and a video of the report, please click the link Eritrea: 20 Jahre Einsamkeit

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