venerdì 3 giugno 2011

Informal meeting with the Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe, the Hon. Thomas Hammarberg

Friday, May 27, 2011 at 18:30 took place on the scheduled meeting with Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe, the Hon. Thomas Hammarberg. He wanted to find out about the hostage situation in Sinai, I asked him to engage in Europe for a quick solution to this problem. I also asked that the Council of Europe and the European Commission will help us to involve Interpol in the fight against drug traffickers and their accomplices. I informed the Commissioner on the plight of our refugees in Tunisia, urging it to demand their immediate evacuation to European countries, USA, Canada and Australia. I described the difficulties they are experiencing our refugees in Israel, including the major issue of refusals in the Sinai desert by the state of Israel. I also pointed out the terrible conditions in Egyptian prisons, seeking to pressure the Egyptian regime because it gives access, in its jails, UNHCR, IOM, Amnesty, HRW and other humanitarian organizations, which may cause the actual conditions of detained refugees, and accept their requests for political asylum. I complained to the commissioner the poor conditions of refugees in Malta, I described the serious deficiencies in Italy's reception system, which does not guarantee any kind of accompaniment to social and work integration. Lacks the full support of social assistance (the house, the subsidy) then the refugees were totally abandoned, which is why I asked the commissioner to be a promoter of the suspension of the Dublin II, under which those who have applied for asylum can not go back to ask for asylum in other countries of northern Europe. The suspension of this agreement would allow many refugees to go in northern Europe, where you will find a much more dignified, a real international protection: the things that Italy does not offer today. I also mentioned that the emergency is coming out in Yemen with the risk of repetition of what has occurred in Libya: Eritrean refugees fearing for their lives. Finally I asked the commitment of the international cooperation in supporting the European project to create activities in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Sudan (which makes it less desperately waiting for a resettlement scheme or a family reunion), to create schools for thousands of children who are in refugee camps, also giving the opportunity of employment to hundreds of young teachers who are present among them. We also talked about the whole situation in Eritrea. The Commissioner has assured me they will do everything possible to help us in finding solutions to many problems that I reported.

Don Mussie Zerai Chairman of Habeshia for Development Cooperation

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