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Response of the High Representative / Vice President Catherine Ashton on behalf of the Commission

Response of the EU Commission to query the Hon. Serracchiani 


Response of the High Representative / Vice President Catherine Ashton on behalf of the Commission(29.2.2012)

According to the Egyptian Interior Ministry, Sub-Saharan refugees are victims of gangs involved in trafficking in human beings. The government led by Prime Minister Al-Ganzouri appointed December 7, 2011 indicated that the Sinai is a strategic priority that deserves more attention. This gives hope that the fight against organized crime will be intensified and that the Egyptian authorities to show greater commitment in addressing the issue of refugees held hostage by smugglers in Sinai.
Regarding the refugees detained by Egyptian authorities, these are considered "infiltrators" as they crossed the border illegally and sought asylum with the UNHCR and the Egyptian authorities. UNHCR was denied access to detention facilities. Since September 2011, Egyptian authorities have begun to alienate these people leaving them in their countries of origin. The UNHCR has warned the Egyptian authorities that the expulsions could be considered practice of refoulement.
The EU delegation in Cairo has repeatedly met with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior to express his concern on this issue. However, there has been little progress. The EU will continue to urge the Egyptian authorities to ensure respect for human rights, and therefore the protection of migrants and refugees. The EU has repeatedly called on Egypt to develop and improve the quality of care and protection afforded to asylum seekers and refugees residing or transiting its territory.The EU also insisted that the Egyptian authorities to ensure compliance with the principle of non-refoulement of all migrants in need of international protection and UNHCR grant complete freedom to implement its mandate throughout the territory of Egypt.

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