lunedì 26 marzo 2012

A year after the tragedy of migrant deaths in the Mediterranean in March 2011

A year ago between the months of March and April has consumed the tragedy for hundreds of refugees fleeing the war in Libya, Africans fleeing the persecution of the rebels who accused him of being supporters of ragime. Racism against blacks was rampant and that it continues to persist.More than 1,500 people died at sea from the Beginning of the revolt against the Libyan regime in 2011, there are cases still unclear, as the boat started March 22, 2011 burthen 335 adults over 20 children dozens of pregnant women, entire families have disappeared into thin air.We are waiting for the new Libya clarify that those responsible who have caused thousands of desperate charging them like beasts on tramp steamers delivered him to death, these leaders who are still free to Libya or refugees in neighboring countries must meet before the law .Just as the mystery behind the failure to rescue drifting boats, the most striking case is that the boat collision with 72 people, women and children, who left the Libyan cosete the night of March 25, 2011, which were spotted by a elicuottero , who gave him water to drink some cookies to eat, but leaving them to their fate without sending help. In the days following were spotted by fishing vessels and military ships, including an aircraft carrier. No one has rescued because of this omission of relief, after 15 days adrift, 63 of 72 people died, not counting children born or brought into the wombs of their mothers.This horrible crime committed by ships on a mission to protect civilians from the fury of the Libyan regime, have not been able to have compassion for migrants fleeing the war that the interventionist countries have helped to create it.We await clarity and justice prevail throughout the investigation now underway of the European Parliament, but we expect is to determine the perpetrators of this crime, and people who have istituzini ommesso their responsibilities, or worse, having given orders to ignore the demands of help they were launched.Our appeal to the European Parliament to bring clarity and justice.
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