lunedì 8 ottobre 2012

Libya: Displaced Eritreans and Ethiopians in danger.

Benghazi. About four hundred prisoners. This center, located in Medina Riyada, near the stadium, is managed by the theoretically "Red Crescent", but in fact command the armed militia of the revolution, claiming jihaidisti: come when they want and have the prisoners to their liking. "Humanitarian workers that are sometimes - said one of the detainees - can not do anything about registering our names, and we count it. Then everything is in the hands of the guards. " Almost all places of detention are made from old container, where prisoners are crammed for almost the whole day, under a blazing sun, without being able to get out. The food, very little more than a few times does not. Completely lacking medical services, including minimum: a young, injured in January in Kufra, in the last three months has not received any cure although it has developed a serious infection, there are pregnant women left to themselves and two children were born in a container, without any assistance.
Several women were raped: overcoming the resistance to the torturers have hit several times with a stun gun, a system of punishment increasingly popular with prisoners. At least 140 men were taken away to work as slaves or in the service of the military (often used to load and unload ammunition) or at farms and businesses to people close to Islamic fundamentalist groups. The last "withdrawal" was forced to October 2: 15 detainees were taken to their cells and escorted off the field. It is not known what happened to. Even the younger kids under age, do not escape the beatings and torture. According to witnesses, on the contrary, the militia would have invented a 'game' terrible right on the skin of these kids, a sort of shooting with human targets. Would avoid hit but even so, if true, is a form of torture awful. For pure sadistic fun. How did the SS concentration camps with Jewish children.
The latest news also speak of discrimination and religious persecution. The militia force everyone to pray according to the Islamic faith. During the period of Ramadan have forced the Christians to observe fasting as Muslims. Those who refused were beaten up. Islamic law applies to all: any Christian symbols or effigies of saints, etc.. are prohibited, women have been torn the crosses' necks, who has a tattoo traced to the Christianity he must keep hidden or is severely beaten. Women must cover up and wear a veil. Many families were divided because, not having with him documents proving the marriage, the principle that men and women can not be together: it may happen so that husband and wife end up in a different prison, no longer have news of each other . Men who try to defend their women are inflicted terrible tortures. One of the most frequent is the fake drowning: the victim is dipped his head under water almost to choke her and pulled out at the last minute. For several times. The lashes as punishment is daily practice. And one of the "entertainment" favorite of the guards, after this torture, is to roll the victims in the mud, as a sign of extreme humiliation.
Last contact date 07.10.12 at 15.00pm, I aggiornavano of the critical situation, the refugees for three days who do not receive food, the situation is getting worse, it seems that some UNHCR staff members who went to the detention center have said "UNHCR does not recognize as refugees or asylum seekers, and what we are doing for you just an act of humanity, in the next three days you must leave this place, we give you a cash contribution." but the military has threatened to refugees saying that no one try to the ski field, otherwise you will be killed. In between these two positions the refugee life is seriously endangered.
I ask that UNHCR take delivery of these people, to protect them from any risk, manipulation and exploitation.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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