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Short report on the experience Situation of Eritrean Refugees in the Horn of Africa

Short report on the experience Situation of Eritrean Refugees in the Horn of Africa

Mr. Marco Schmid, migration & Fr. Mussie Zerai

Inspired by the presence of Eritrean Refugees in Switzerland, I'm in the summer this year to Eritrea and Ethiopia traveled to the situation and the background better of Eritrean refugees know.  

Village in Eritrea
A young population
Eritrea is seen demographically a young Country. This is noticeable when the many young people in the Stassen Asmara looks.

Main promenade in Asmara with Italian coffee
An Eritrean family has an average of five children. About 80% of the population lives in the country, and of the Agriculture.
Military service for an indefinite period The recent wars and drought in Eritrea and the difficult economic and political situation offer the young people no hopeful prospects. Moreover, that the 12th School year (approximately 18 years) all young Eritreans, boys and girls, in Form of military training in large military camp "Sawa" complete must. Per year can be there until 9,000 young Eritreans and Eritreans merged.

Students meeting in Asmara
After the school year, they are depending on Capacities and grades for military or other public services divided, which last for an indefinite period, and only a minimum wage in soldiers Views provide. It is possible that anyone over 10 years under these Conditions for military service obligation is. Due to the tense situation with Ethiopia has also expect it to everyone, he also acts of war involved, is what the young generation particularly true, but many of them have more family members in the previous wars lost.
Although Eritreans under 50 years Eritrea basically can not leave, flee many from their land. A large part of they go to Ethiopia, where they the Gone further in a more stable and secure country looking.

Eritrean refugee camp in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian government collects Eritrean refugees in large Refugee camps close to the border with Eritrea, where about 70,000 Eritrean refugees should live. About 25% are women, and against 15% of children under 15 years.

Eritrean woman with a child in a refugee camp
during a Worship Every month, new about 1000 Refugees added. Most of them are young Eritreans are many ideas and have visions for their lives.

UNHCR tarpaulin for newly-arriving refugees
Your situation is more like between chair and Bank. Back to Eritrea they can not go because they considered deserters and for body Have to fear life, and the future is very uncertain as they work hard or Training center in Ethiopia or elsewhere can find. Accordingly Refugees in these years several Refugee camps with no prospects for the future stuck. On top of that, the Infrastructure and living conditions (Sanitation, water, heating, school, medical, Nutrition, safety, etc.) are very bad.

Drinking place in the refugee camp
Dangers on the run This impasse pushes many young Refugees on their own to continue to. go Thus, they also face many Hazards. The crossing of the Sahara and the media known in the refugee boats Mediterranean are just two examples. If anything unknown is the dramatic situation of the Refugees in the Sinai region, which outside the state power of Nomadic tribes dominated.
Human, organ trafficking or abduction are common. From mistreatment be disenfranchised refugees to serious Forced to work. The traces of violence long remain visible on the body.

Violations of bondage, shocks and burns
Thanks to individual charities and local People of good will, under the very work difficult conditions, can repeatedly refugees from their disaster situation to be freed. Unfortunately it is also to constantly Deaths, and the bodies of refugees be found. In these moments try these organizations often unnamed people at least another to provide dignified burial.

Donation for education of young refugees
The simplest and most effective means for the young refugees in Ethiopia Scholarships for training in Ethiopia Training centres. The Ethiopian government has no assurance that any refugee who Permission to receive an education, and the Allowed to leave the refugee camp when the Financing can be guaranteed. Several Ethiopian Catholic  Universities, as well as hospitals with Nursing schools have ready showed young Eritrean refugees in their Courses include. Of living and Training costs for a year amount are all at about 1000 dollars, for a Training course of 4 years, 4000 U.S. dollars accounts. If they have a young Eritreans a young Eritrean regardless of its Religion and denomination support like, we like to take every donation contrary. Through personal contacts Funds can no administration charge directly to people familiar be.

Fribourg 13th, October 2012

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