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Ransom payment from Asylum Seekers arriving Yemen

TO      :  Fr. Mussie Zeray
FROM  :  Eritrean Concern
DATE  :  23/10/12


Although we believe that your awareness of what is now going-om in Yemen
against asylum seekers, this is an important information and your concern
is greatly appreciated.  The asylum seekers from Horn of Africa arriving
Yemen particularly from Djibouti by boat are being arrested by mafia group,
bandit gunmen & are terribly tortured & killed upon arrival in Yemen.  The
smugglers have link with the mafia group, and phone contact to inform the
outlaw bandit the no. of people on board & they are paid upon consignment
on coast for their illegal services.  Frankly speaking,  what is now happening
in Yemen is the same as of Sinai.

The asylum seekers are mostly from Ethiopia, including Eritreans & Somalis.
They target to the Amhara & Tigray of Ethiopian ethnic groups.  Some of
the Oromo tribes are cooperating with the bandit groups.  They have been
arrested by outlaw bandit mafia groups when they arrive Yemen.  They have
over 20 functional bases in different locational areas in Yemen.  The group is
of 10-15 armed individual equipped with pick-ups and motor cycles in each
area base.  One group is now operating in an area of 30kms. far away from
Mokha in a remote forest location.  They have premises or compound where
they put to jail the asylum seekers.  Another location is functioning
in Haradh.
There are other many unidentified bases where they are now operating.

The following are how they torture them:-

- Burn plastic bags and pour over human body
- Hang-up on wooden cross & nail hands over it (like Jesus Christ)
- Take out an eye using Shamlan plastic bottle (Shamlan is a name of
  drinking water in Yemen)
- Throw human being (mankind) into over 8mt digged hole
- Burn dead bodies
- Sexual abuse & rape women by force
- slave them & use them as servants & work heavily by force
- sold them for slavery
- stab/slaughter them by knife/ harm them by steel bar

There are here in Sana'a asylum seekers, who have been released on payment of ransom, harmed, wounded or injure by the merciless mafia groups.

We can provide you some names & mobile tel. nos. of the mafia group:  The
source of information is from the people who were communicating on phone
with them for payment of ransom to save their relatives.  They ask ransom money from hostages relatives living in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, including Ethiopia.  The ransom money is usually SR1500.= (equivalent to USD400.= at 3.75), and sometimes more than that, and also transfer them to another base in-order make them pay double in different bases. They make listen relatives on phone conversation while torturing hostages so that to shock relatives to pay-off the ransom money immediately.  Hostages who have relatives are released upon payment of ransom money of SR1500.= or more that, and those who don't have relatives are being tortured & killed or make them slave servants or sold them for slavery.  They said that if they don't have relatives to settle the ransom money, they will kill them to sell their kidneys.

They have money exchange & transfer, and its name is "Asendaq" in Haradh
town.  Haradh is a small Yemeni town located at the border between Yemen
and Saudi Arabia.

Their cell/mobile tel. nos. are as follows:-

1)  734******  -  His name is Abdelmalik
2)  736******  -  He's called Abdu Yahya  -  Names provided during
telcon, but not sure of its correctness
3)  713******  -  Yahya      -    4)  736******
5)  734******                          6)  736******
7)  715******                         8)  7138******  -  Yemen code is +967

Item 2 - 8 are highly killers and badly torturing asylum seekers (hostages)
The mobile no. of the criminal in Haradh is 734******

We are not sure about the Yemeni gov't awareness of the situation, but, we
guess that some individual military soldiers and other important elements
as such sheiks are involved.  Some One form the Ethiopian Oromos are also cooperating to work for them.  We also presume that the UNHCR Sana'a office has an
information on the events, and the incidents now happening to the horn of
Africa asylum seekers.

Therefore, we understand that your concern in this issue, and your interest to
solve the awful circumstances now facing the asylum seekers in Yemen.
However, in-order to save human lives of the innocent people, please
do something to contact division concerned and particularly the Yemeni gov't so that
to end this brutal action against asylum seekers.

While wishing you a success in your humanitarian program, We patiently
await your reply.  Thank you.

Best Regards,

*Eritrean Concern*

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