mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

Italy: - The right to health is guaranteed in CARA, and reception centers for asylum seekers

The case of the death of a girl from Eritrea, 28 years, 4 months pregnant, who was a guest at Mineo of DEAR - Catania, is according to some journalistic reconstructions, this dead girl and the fourth person who loses his life, among Guests of this center. The strange death of this young women, the child she carried in her womb, needs to be clarified, because the two hospitals that have visited this woman could not prevent the worst, it appears that physicians were aware that the woman was suffering from aneurysm aorta, it was postponed in the center in those conditions? "The woman's death is the fourth confirmed case of the death of migrants housed at Cara Mineo for health reasons. Particularly always Ferrarotto hospital in November 2011 had died Mujahid Ali, Pakistani 36 years after angioplasty Abdoulaye Keita, 27, of Mali, went into a coma after a fight with another guest. Brought to the emergency room of Caltagirone, had given him a day prognosis. Shortly after the illness. During the same period died Anthony Yeboah, 22 years , a native of Ghana. Again, there was a first trip to the dall'ambulatorio Dear calatino hospital, from which, after some checks had been sent back. For doctors it was just drunkenness. So a new hospital because the doctors had found Darling of neurological problems. few hours after the news of the death, due, you will learn after some time, to cerebral ischemia. "
How do you safeguard the health of the guests of these facilities? The testimonials we receive from different CARA or shelters are not good. The first since there is no prevention, there is no regular medical control to avoid that there are diseases such as TB or another, even when people report of symptoms tends to minimize.
A testimony that comes from Anguillara, of a pregnant woman, Eighth month of pregnancy, in all these months has been only twice the controls, when she ask for will make periodic checks recommended by doctors, the operator of the center responds do not worry as long as the fetus moves you're okay. This is a denial of the right to health for both women as for the baby.
Many other cases reported there come people in need of medical care guests in the various centers, where the management bodies of these centers, neglect of all, the right to health of the guests of these centers, we can not wait for people to die in order to receive the ' attention that is due.  The Ministry of Interior has a responsibility to protect the health of all guests of CARA, since they are under its responsibility, as well as local authorities who in different management centers.
I appeal to the Italian institutions to protect the right to health and the right to be properly informed of the asylum seekers and refugees guests in the CARA, CPT, or in the circuit SPRAR.

Fr. Mussie Zerai

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