sabato 2 agosto 2014

The refugees prisoners of the conflict in Libya

Appeals to the international community

The last, tragic news from Tripoli speak of refugees seized by militants of various factions and forced to follow them into battle as "auxiliary forced", forced to wear since the line of fire ammunition and supplies. Who tries to refuse is severely beaten and threatened with death.
The situation for refugees and migrants in Libya is back as the Civil War of 2011, when every African "black" was considered a subsidiary of the Gaddafi regime and, as such, persecuted, imprisoned, often killed. Perhaps, indeed, it is even worse, because the country is imploding in a logic of all against all and there are no institutions to turn to for a minimum of legality and protection. Risks, dangers, abuses are particularly accentuated in recent days, with the rapid escalation of the internal conflict.
In the fighting continues, particularly in Tripoli and Benghazi, as it is known there have been many casualties among civilians. The refugees are often the most exposed to this veritable massacre: Only on Sunday is from various witnesses who have died thirty, of which 8 5 Eritreans and Ethiopians, as well as Somalis, Sudanese, Egyptians. E 'in this context that, by various armed militias, are part of the increasingly frequent raids of refugees to use them as "carriers" of weapons and ammunition in combat: young people picked up in their homes or on the street, while trying to escape from evacuated areas (such as the large area on the outskirts of Tripoli around fuel depots on fire) and forcibly thrown into the furnace of war they did not choose and that does not concern them.
All the Western powers have evacuated or are evacuating their citizens in the country and the diplomatic staff. Some embassies from the U.S., have been totally closed. Thousands and thousands of refugees and migrants are instead left to themselves, at the mercy of armed groups may have of them as believe, which is often not hide a racist contempt against all "blacks" and who do not hesitate to kill to a minimum sign of resistance. Nobody seems to care about the rights of these people. Even the basic right to life and: have fled or are in anyway leaving Libya these days even the international humanitarian organizations.
In the face of all this, the agency Habeshia appeals to the international community and in particular the UN, the European Union and the United States, why take charge of this situation absurd and unacceptable indifference and neglect. We call for an evacuation plan for all refugees and migrants trapped in Libya. So how were properly organized escape routes for Europeans in the country, ask one or more humanitarian corridors to third countries are able to accept them and protect them, for Eritrean refugees, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Somalis and any other nations, blocked Libya despite themselves from the ongoing conflict, which has already resulted in numerous casualties and threatens to turn into a massacre.

                                                                     Don Mussie Zerai
                                                                    president of Habeshia

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