sabato 6 aprile 2013


IMMIGRATION: HABESHIA, Deafening Silence Death On Refugees

  APRIL 5 - "90% of states have chosen a deafening silence in the face of tragedy of the 63 refugees left to die after an accident. A serious act, cruel and inhumane that we are complaining unnecessarily for two years." This was stated in a note, Fr Moses Zerai, Habeshia president of the agency that deals with assistance to refugees.
The story reported by the Eritrean priest is the one of the boat party from the Libyan coast March 25, 2011 with 72 people on board, of which the traces were lost by the next day. "They have been localized for the last time about 60 miles
from Tripoli then nothing. We have repeatedly reported their disappearance but to no avail, "recalls Don Zerai who adds:" Fifteen days later we were contacted by 9 survivors. They told us to be survivors in 11, after having spent two weeks at sea. The current had brought them back to Zelatien, not far from the border with Tunisia, where the military Gaddafi have them locked up in jail. Two of them, a boy and a girl, have died for lack of care. "
   But the cleric also repeats the accusations of indifference launched at the time against the riparian states: "The refugees have been abandoned by several military ships and also by fishing vessels. One of these ships was Italian, a helicopter
is also launching the castaways approached the water, only to abandon them to their fate. "
   "We demand that NATO face full light on this affair - he concludes don Zerai - because these 63 people were left to die? Whose was the helicopter that is limited to providing water to refugees without then send the emergency and what are the ships military who have sighted? These people
have died because someone decided not to help them. We want to know who was this choice. Who knows, who has seen talk: Stop with this silence of the state. "

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